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12:30:17 PM Aug 17th 2013
Am I the only one who thinks Yat needs a serious nerf? The very first boss of the game should not be able to utterly curbstomp the party in a mere handful of turns.
02:45:17 PM Aug 17th 2013
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You are most definitely not the only one, because I feel the same (I added the Wake-Up Call Boss entry), but unfortunately this is not the place for discussing such things. Game balance discussions should be directed here.
04:37:58 AM Sep 29th 2011
Okay, so. About the character sheet.

We have a number of options here as to how to handle spoilers. We could use the WMG policy of "the gloves are off, read at own risk" or spoiler things carefully. When I first made the page I did a weird amalgam of both, with party member names going unspoiled (even Rehm and Ques), but spoiling the secret stuff about their backstory. Honestly, I think that it's pretty much unavoidable and we'll have to use the first policy, only spoiler-tagging sidequest stuff like Tez and I guess stuff about the Lord-God as well.

Then there's the formatting stuff. While the in-game description quotes are nice, they make the entries look a bit cluttered, especially since there's already one quote at the top of the entry. I'm not sure what we should do about this.

And there's also the matter of Havan. Having a massive spoiler block that's multiple times his actual description just looks extremely suspicious. I think the best way would be to lump his entry in with the rest of Blue Guard (but then we'd need to put three portraits in one entry aaaaagggghhhh is there a "quotecenter" command?) and put all spoilers about him in a vague "Lord-God" entry.