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09:22:53 PM Oct 27th 2012
I have a problem with this entry.

* Throw It In / Woolseyism The cutscenes script for the Wii version was handled by the writers of Happy Tree Friends, and you can pretty much tell that they were having a lot of fun doing the cutscenes.

First of all, it doesn't mention any examples of Throw It In. Second, the game was written by American writers, which the entry mentions, but by definition, there can be no Woolseyisms in the English script because it was in English to begin with. I think this should be deleted. Anyone agree/disagree?
09:25:39 PM Oct 27th 2012
Yeah, I agree, unless there's some major difference in the Japanese script worth mentioning.
07:52:19 PM Oct 30th 2012
There was the Shout-Out to Kamen Rider, but I dunno if that really counts.
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