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01:47:26 AM May 17th 2015
Removed this commentary that was attached to the Interspecies Romance example; it may be worth noting but I have no idea what it refers to:
  • This trope is a misnomer - the two different races are in fact the same species, capable of reproduction. The child can be either a Felineko or Caninu, rather than a mix between the two.
10:25:28 AM Mar 19th 2012
Anyone got a link to the sequel confirmation? I can't find anything on my side, and I'd rather delete any speculation on the page.
12:01:41 PM Mar 20th 2012
edited by SkyBlueFox
I remember a while ago there being a leaked "Solatorobo 2 Demo version" photo on a Twitter account claiming to be some official from CyberConnect2. I'm just going from what my friends said/heard, but I believe it was confirmed fake...!/NobuteruYuki And, considering the Twitter account in question is suspended, I'm inclined to believe that the image is indeed fake. I'd post the actual image, but T Vtropes won't let me, so just look up the "Solatorobo 2 Demo version" on Google images and you should find it.
12:57:04 AM Mar 21st 2012
If it's that picture that I'm thinking about then it's a photoshop. It uses art assets from the original and as you've said it would not have been "leaked" on a recently created (and now suspended) twitter account of some self-proclaimed official. I think we should pretend that a sequel doesn't exist and not mention the speculation on the page until something is confirmed by a reliable source.
09:57:21 PM Jan 17th 2012
edited by Sandy87
Not sure which one this is...someone help me out.

The defense systems inside Lares and Lemures. Lares is blue-grey and has sperm-shaped defense antibodies, in addition to the jellyfish things. Lemures is grey-pink (with boobs!) and has round things that could be eggs along with the sperm-shaped things (frisky giant robots!) and the jellyfish things. Compounding this is the fact that the egg-things tend to pop up right after the sperm-things, and the most common way of dealing with multiple enemies is to chuck one at another, resulting in throwing sperm at eggs (and my younger brother even blurts out "Fertilization!").

So...Accidental Innuendo, Visual Innuendo, or the result of playing games at 2:00 AM with a teenage boy looking over your shoulder?
08:20:29 AM Jan 21st 2012
I think that would belong in the YMMV section with Accidental Innuendo, but not in the main section. I highly doubt CyberConnect2 intended for there to be reproduction symbolism there of all places.
03:18:25 PM Jan 12th 2012
edited by Sandy87
Not sure "And Then to CODA" fully counts as Word Salad Lyrics. In addition to mentions of the sky, wind, etc., the song seems very much like it could be about or sung by Elh:

  • "Rinsayara, etc." - Maybe the native language of the Paladins?
  • "Looking downcast, transient / You lie with a shaking voice / You reach to your fears with a trembling hand / Face turned away, trembling, in tears" - Elh begins the game as a bit of an aloof loner and, after warming a bit, becomes more withdrawn again as the Rite of Forfeit gets closer and eventually does break down crying, unable to continue.
  • "The winds crossing this sky / Will envelope you some day" - A poetic way of saying what should've happened to Red after the Rite: he should've died. Bonus points for the Anju religion's belief that birds carry souls to the sky, where the winds could indeed envelope them.
  • "The sound of the wind comes to be heard / It seems to sing lonlily" - Actually, this bit does sound salad-y, though Elh does seem to have been pretty lonely before meeting Red and Chocolat.
  • "The key to the heart's door / I want it in my hand now" - See Ship Tease.
  • "Distant, far away / Shining star" - Salad or a reference to the holy portal, maybe?
  • "The line for you to walk / is lit up for you" - It's stated that Paladins can see a laser light that leads them to where the portal has opened up. Could also be a poetic way to speak of destiny.
  • "Spread both hands and feel the wind / I'll walk with you, wherever you go" - Elh spends the majority of the game following Red around...despite not really doing much in the way of helping with fights. See also Ship Tease, again.
  • "The fragrance carried by the wind / Falters for a moment, in distress / Fear not, for the drifting dream / Is illuminated by a hymn" - I'm drawing a blank, so I'm declaring it salad.
  • "As stifled tears don't overflow / I will protect you, always" - Once again a reference to the Rite of Forfeit, or perhaps to the fact that Red swore (on his tail!) that he'd save her from Bruno, though the singer doesn't change to male to reflect the change in speaker.

So while there is indeed some salad there (unless someone wants to interpret those parts their way?), it doesn't seem quite as salad-y as that entry implies...
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