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10:26:43 AM Mar 23rd 2018
Due to OSRS becoming EXTREMELY more popular than RS 3, and having diverging points of lore (Raids, Dragon slayer 2, monkey madness 2), I'm thinking we should have a seperate page for the two, or seperate trope sections.
10:54:56 AM Mar 23rd 2018
Is it actually more popular? Iím not sure if thatís true. And actually the lore hasnít diverged that much. There actually are plans to add some of the stuff that has been added to OSRS to RS 3. If it keeps on diverging then maybe we should split the pages but for now I think it is fine.
01:15:41 PM Mar 8th 2016
Should there be a separate page for Old School Runescape and its tropes, or should this page be expanded to include Old School Runescape tropes as well?
08:45:31 AM Apr 26th 2016
I'd suggest making a separate page. It gets really confusing when you mix two games on one page, especially when parts are written with the assumption readers know which game is referenced.
07:19:06 PM Apr 19th 2015
Would it be beneficial for archiving purposes to create a recap page based on Quests, Miniquests, Events, and World Events? Sort of like how TV Show pages have episode recap pages.
09:15:38 PM Feb 7th 2013
edited by TheFellMind
All of the examples I added under Karma Houdini are, to the present knowledge and storylines of the game, still currently true. If I should be listing it under YMMV, then fine, just move them there if that's what's necessary. They can be amended too, if and when changes happen in-game.

troacctid — the RuneScape page is not your personal fiefdom. Please stop treating it like one.
12:35:42 AM Oct 30th 2012
What the fuck? Why were my entries on the Botfinder General deleted?
10:58:40 AM Oct 30th 2012
edited by troacctid
  1. A prosecuting argument in a courtroom is not a "Reason You Suck" Speech. "The Reason You Suck" Speech is directed at the target to convince them that, well, they suck—not at third party to convince them that the target is guilty of a crime, like in Botany Bay. It could be a List of Transgressions, except that there's only one transgression, so it's not.
  2. How is it an Author Filibuster? Everything he says is about the game. Nothing is reflecting Jagex's views on external issues. And the game doesn't stop so he can talk — the only way to visit Botany Bay is to choose to enter a side event with no functional rewards.
  3. Even if the examples were valid, it should be pretty clear that neither is the "sole purpose" of the character.

So the tropes don't fit.
02:04:07 PM Oct 30th 2012
edited by MicoolTNT
Okay, maybe "The Reason You Suck" Speech doesn't really fit, but it's clearly an Author Filibuster.

Quote from page: "the plot stops dead in its tracks to give the author an opportunity to preach their message to the readers or audience,"

As far as I'm concerned, the bots and the Botfinder General are hardly related to the main plot of RuneScape, so the plot does stop dead in its tracks while players are in that event. Then, the Botfinder General preaches his anti-bot message (which is Jagex's views on the bots) to the players.

"Everything he says is about the game." - Gameplay and Story Segregation; despite the Fourth Wall being rather unstable due to the nature of the game, Bots are clearly not canonical to the plot and the in-game world/lore of RuneScape, so the Botfinder General is talking about a meta-issue, not an issue within the game's plot.

Oh, and your point that "the only way to visit Botany Bay is to choose to enter a side event with no functional rewards" doesn't mean that it's not an Author Filibuster, only that it's one you choose to view. It's still in the game, it still has little to do with the main plot (qualifying it as an "interruption" to the plot), and it's still a clear relaying of the author's views (Jagex's prohibition and dislike of bots), so it counts.

By your logic, tropes in a side-quest of a game like Mass Effect wouldn't count, because the player chooses to do those side-quests.
07:05:13 PM Oct 30th 2012
Well they do exist canonically in the game's universe as the "clockwork menace", breaking the law by using machines to work for them illegally. Or something like that. It's a silly bit of lore, true, but so is the sandwich lady.

And I would argue that the rules of the game are part of the game, and Botany Bay is still about the rules of the game. It's more of a He Knows about Timed Hits thing, if anything.
10:00:42 PM Oct 30th 2012
Screw this argument, I'm putting those tropes on YMMV.
07:05:58 AM Jul 11th 2012
Were the Nightmare Fuel pages for this topic removed? Why?
07:32:22 AM Jul 11th 2012
High Octane Nightmare Fuel as a subpage has been removed; everything is now merged into Nightmare Fuel. The NF subpage for this work is here.
01:29:59 PM Jan 30th 2012
edited by PiratePete
Should the "Nominal Importance" entry be changed? I can't see how the current entry relates to the trope, it looks like an error for No Fourth Wall or A Winner Is You. There are a few examples of Nominal Importance in RuneScape though (Man, Guard, etc.).
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