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09:57:22 PM Jan 30th 2015
What happened to Psycho-Pedia? It appears to be gone from the site—pretty much every link redirects to the main page. Anyone know what happened?

On that note, what I'm interested in is what each of the major characters' diagnosis/-es might be. Maybe we could add it to the summary of each of the characters' entries in the sheet? For example, I know we have Gloria's bipolar disorder there in her summary, but what about the others? What are their major disorders, at least for the Asylum people?
01:20:35 PM Feb 6th 2014
In Lungfishopolis, you are attacked by all three military branches that rejected Oleander. Not sure what topic this would fall under.
01:15:25 AM Feb 6th 2014
I'm not sure what trope it would fall under, but I think it's worth mentioning on the page that the inmates were running the asylum. Literally.
07:58:17 AM Nov 23rd 2013
So it seems over the past few months a google doc with the back stories of many characters written by Tim himself has been floating around on tumblr. It contains detailed back stories for many characters, used for help with creating character dialogue and quirks.

It also sheds light on -Lily's affinity for plants -Milla and Sasha's relationship -Oleander's father -The gypsy curse -The lives of Boyd and Gloria

Though if you read it, you may also notice Edgar's bio is out of date (though they mention it in text) as well as that it makes no contradictions to Raz's father's supposed hatred of psychics. However, if we accept the bios as canon, it could add some new insight and entries to the Psychonauts page for future readers.

Here is a link if anyone wants to look at it.
06:17:44 AM Dec 13th 2013
There are also a few other contradictions between info given in the profiles and in the game, most noticably with Raz, Sasha, and Boyd.
09:44:08 PM Mar 1st 2013
Would Black Velvetopia be an example of Tron Lines? It's not in any way futuristic or technology-based, but the black backgrounds against vaguely glowy neon backgrounds gives it a similar feel. Or is that a different trope entirely?
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