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12:43:12 AM Oct 5th 2017

Right after the Murkrow runs off, you fight a double battle, you and Lance versus Ariana and a Team Rocket Grunt, and a Murkrow is one of Ariana's Pokemon. I just assumed that it was the same one you chased and it joined her team for the battle. Am I missing something?
05:59:22 PM Feb 19th 2016
Is it really necessary to describe the Audible Gleam of shiny pokemon as being "unneeded in future games"? Some shiny pokemon are damn near impossible to tell unless you see it side-by-side with a regular one (example: Garchomp vs Shiny Garchomp) and certain types of colorblindness may also make it difficult to distinguish a shiny from its non-shiny counterpart.
02:05:21 AM Feb 27th 2015
Juggler Irwin never says "Dropped my balls," that was an unnamed Jugler in Red and Blue in Koga's Gym.
09:36:28 AM Nov 23rd 2013
Wait...How could this game allude to the Dark Knight when it preceded it? Unless the "Why so serious" line was a remake-exclusive line, isn't this chronologically inaccurate?
02:41:48 PM Nov 23rd 2013
Well it's in the "Remake-exclusive" section.
08:47:50 PM Feb 26th 2011
edited by Stratadrake
  • Guide Dang It!: "You need to listen to Pokéflute music using the expansion card to wake up the Snorlax in front of Diglett's Cave. The problem is that every other station on the game is accessed by pressing one of 4 "preset" buttons (or in the case of two "secret" tunes, on every frequency if you are in the right area), but you have to manually tune the radio in order to listen to the needed channel in the remakes. Good luck figuring that out on your own."

Inside Lavendar City's Radio Station there's a placard on the wall suggesting the player should tune in to the "upper area" of the radio band. Additionally, you should already know how to manually tune the radio using the touch screen (I believe there's an NPC in Goldenrod who explains the workings). In short, if you've never tried manually tuning your radio, it's your fault for not finding the station — not the game's.
08:41:30 PM Sep 25th 2010
I'm sure there are people that don't know about the Virtual Boy's existence, but would such people also believe it would be fake when they first hear about it? I think they'd consider it just another thing they didn't know about the company, like knowledge about ROB or that Nintendo got their start making hanafuda and still make them to this day.
11:52:19 AM Jul 22nd 2010
edited by Montblanc
Was there ever any hints that Silver was Giovanni's son before Fire Red / Leaf Green or the manga? I could have sworn I believed he was his son when the games first came out, but I have no idea where I could have got that idea.
03:35:13 PM Aug 17th 2010
I don't think it did, but I'm curious if it was intended from the beginning and not retconned considering his grudge against Team Rocket.
08:27:38 AM Mar 31st 2013
In Fire Red and Leaf Green, there were certainly hints that Silver was Giovanni's son. A few rocket members on the Sevii Islands mentioned something about his kid having striking red hair.

My question is was it intended from the beginning or did it become a Canon Immigrant from Pokémon Special.
10:32:55 AM Mar 31st 2013
Given the small amount of psychology I know, I'm thinking (judging by Silver's actions) that it was intentional. Also, that post was almost three years old. XD
06:24:32 PM May 25th 2010
Doesn't unintentional Les Yay exist even WITH a female character? It at least does in FireRed/LeafGreen.
06:43:18 PM May 25th 2010
I don't remember anyone checking you out the way they did in Red/Blue, although Sabrina says some shipteasy things on the phone, so maybe that could apply.
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