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05:50:53 AM Feb 18th 2017
edited by MagBas
Cynthia mentioning the fight with Giratina really counts as Cutting Off the Branches? After all, Giratina can be fought in Diamond/Pearl.
11:47:53 AM Sep 23rd 2014
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I've finished the main storyline in Platinum again note , and I noticed that in the credits, Colin Farrell was mentioned in Special Thanks. Could it be THE Colin Farrell, and if so, what was inspired from him?
03:18:00 PM Mar 17th 2012
Would Giratina screeching and jumping out at the screen count as "Nightmare Fuel"?
03:41:42 PM Mar 17th 2012
Whatever you want counts as Nightmare Fuel, just make sure it's on the YMMV tab. And something like that is deliberately scary, so I'd say it's specifically High Octane Nightmare Fuel.
12:42:03 PM Oct 25th 2011
Loads and Loads of Loading, fixed in Platinum? Seriously? My Pearl saves in about a third of the time as my Platinum. One of the reasons I *sold* my Platinum was because it would regularly take over fifteen and even twenty seconds to load, and I was told this was *normal*, that Platinum had an extended load time.
10:40:07 AM Sep 20th 2010
edited by TripleElation
The bit that got moved to the It Just Bugs Me! page ought to fit some trope more specific than Fridge Logic. This is a teeny bit more of a legitimate complaint than standard fare IJBM.
11:57:20 AM Sep 20th 2010
09:52:21 PM Sep 14th 2010
Barry and the Spell My Name with an "S" trope.

It keeps on getting deleted. Why? As far as I know he was called Damion at one point, and one of his counterparts is "Jun", thus applying it to this game and/or him.

09:58:19 PM Sep 14th 2010
Because the trope in question is a little bit different. A good example would be the whole Aeris vs. Aerith debate, or Cless vs. Cress. Jun isn't an alternate spelling for Damion. If, for example, he was called June in the anime and Jun in the games or something along those lines, then it would fit. Urutapu could probably explain it better.
11:58:08 PM Sep 14th 2010
Do I really need to explain it? The title of the trope is straightforward.
01:27:21 PM Sep 15th 2010
Well, okay. I've seen people use it in this context so I supposed..

But wouldn't it be the closest thing? Do we have a trope that fits this?
09:10:11 PM Aug 28th 2010
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Does it count if Cyrus is also planning on making a new universe after?
04:12:40 PM Oct 22nd 2011
I'd say so, since it still had to go.
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