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09:19:11 AM Oct 8th 2014
A fan translation of Persona 2: Eternal Punishment PSP was announced a few weeks ago here: .Do we add that info to the front page or wait until some progress (if any) is made?
01:06:04 PM Feb 19th 2011
Just archiving the Star-Crossed Lovers discussion here since I removed it from the main page. Also because it was turning into an actual discussion that is better continued on over here.

  • Star-Crossed Lovers: Tatsuya and Maya.
    • Your Milage May Vary. This is a highly debatable topic, especially once you bring Katsuya into it.
      • Nevermind the age difference with Tatsuya and Maya. But it's left up to the player to choose from Jun, Ginko and Maya, at least as far as P2 goes. Pre-Katsuya shall we say?
      • Considering that a line in Eternal Punishment specifically refers to Tatsuya as "her love" I think it's safe to say that the two of them had feelings for one another, although given the ending to Eternal Punishment that doesn't necessarily preclude Maya and Tatsuya from ending up with others.
      • That's still really stretching it, given how many ways you can interpret "Love". You can love someone and still be their best friend, it isn't confined to lovers alone. Given the context of the game, the most likely love they mean is sibling love. Look at their personae for a start, they are symbolic after all- the Twins: Apollo and Artemis. Also if you are going off the English translation of EP... you might not want to count that as so reliable given that it isn't, in the least.
        • Or that their Persona's are twins to add another level of squick. In Myth, Artemis was born into adulthood, and then helped her mother give birth to her twin brother Apollo. Make what you will of that in relevance to them. Because Atlus actually do do their research 90% of the time.
03:20:50 AM Oct 9th 2014
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Just gonna comment on this since I just removed a bunch of ship wank from the main page, good lord.

Point 1) For the most part, the love situation is left up to the player. You get your choice of a lover for Tatsuya in IS (oddly, their relationship only becomes explicitly romantic for Lisa and Jun; for Maya it becomes 凄くいい感じ, or "extremely intimate" in the English release, without the sexual connotations), and Maya's feelings in EP are left up to the player, according to Tadashi; she loves whoever the player wants her to. Katsuya is in love with her, of course, and Tadashi says that Tatsuya does love her in a special way, but would see it as disrespectful to date her. So, in the end, the situation is pure YMMV.

Point 2) The age difference doesn't really affect much, if you're being purely objective about it, because Tatsuya is still the oldest of the Tsumi kids and Maya is the youngest of the Batsu adults—both of them are on the cusp of childhood and adulthood, in their own ways. Though it's enough to turn some people off of the pairing, which brings us back to the YMMV example.

Point 3) This is the main point I wanted to address, because there's some translation fuckery here. "Her love" is explicitly romantic because of the possessive, so that discussion is out, but the problem is that it wasn't in Japanese. The original term used wasn't even referring to Maya, it was just 大切な人 (taisetsu na hito), which just translates to "(an) important person," though given the context a better translation would just be "someone special." I really don't know why they went with this translation—bias, I guess?

Point 4) Artemis and Apollo are twins, though depicted as husband and wife in some of their earliest incarnations, but their starter personas, Vulcanus and Maia, are also husband and wife. IIRC Vulcanus was also married to Aphrodite, the Greek version of Lisa's ultimate persona, and its design is modeled after the lighter given to Tatsuya by Jun, so it seems so be some bizarre shipping amalgamation and you can make what you will of it.

I'm not really trying to advocate any ships here, just clarifying some details to avoid confusion. I have complicated thoughts on their relationship myself, which I'm not going to elaborate on because it's a long explanation and I don't want to spark a shipping war all over again. What bugs me is when people reduce the entire story to their tragic star-crossed love and completely ignore the fact that Tatsuya did everything for ALL of his friends, not just her, and being separated from them is just as painful as being separated from her.
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