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01:06:04 PM Feb 19th 2011
Just archiving the Star-Crossed Lovers discussion here since I removed it from the main page. Also because it was turning into an actual discussion that is better continued on over here.

  • Star-Crossed Lovers: Tatsuya and Maya.
    • Your Milage May Vary. This is a highly debatable topic, especially once you bring Katsuya into it.
      • Nevermind the age difference with Tatsuya and Maya. But it's left up to the player to choose from Jun, Ginko and Maya, at least as far as P2 goes. Pre-Katsuya shall we say?
      • Considering that a line in Eternal Punishment specifically refers to Tatsuya as "her love" I think it's safe to say that the two of them had feelings for one another, although given the ending to Eternal Punishment that doesn't necessarily preclude Maya and Tatsuya from ending up with others.
      • That's still really stretching it, given how many ways you can interpret "Love". You can love someone and still be their best friend, it isn't confined to lovers alone. Given the context of the game, the most likely love they mean is sibling love. Look at their personae for a start, they are symbolic after all- the Twins: Apollo and Artemis. Also if you are going off the English translation of EP... you might not want to count that as so reliable given that it isn't, in the least.
        • Or that their Persona's are twins to add another level of squick. In Myth, Artemis was born into adulthood, and then helped her mother give birth to her twin brother Apollo. Make what you will of that in relevance to them. Because Atlus actually do do their research 90% of the time.
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