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06:22:01 AM May 29th 2013
Given some new information on the Mythos of the series (if two games can really be called a "series"), I think we need to re-write the first section of the page.

Shiranui is NOT simply Amaterasu in physical form. Amaterasu's wolf body was born from the statue at the beginning of the game. Shiranui is actually male, and considered to be both a previous incarnation and father to Amaterasu. I know this clashes with the dialog of the game, but it's official word from the developers, and it's the story used in Okamiden. The PS2 version of the game never refers to Shiranui's gender, and the Wii version doesn't even mention Amaterasu's. All of this is available over on the Okami wiki.
08:04:35 AM Apr 8th 2012
Can Orochi being drunk and Yami's weakness to sunlight really be called "Weaksauce Weaknesses?"

Yes, they seem lame, but only until you consider the circumstances of those weaknesses: the 8 Purification Sake used against Orochi is stated to be sacred (hell, just the water used to make it has enough power to blast monsters who get too close to it), and Yami is the Lord of Darkness, making his opposite (and therefore weakness) Light.
11:48:59 AM Jan 1st 2012
When you go through the Kamui dungeon and encounter the demon cannons for the first time, who here got confused by Issun's "go nice and slow" into thinking this meant "try to sneak past them", as opposed to veil of mist?
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