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11:54:52 AM May 4th 2013
Why isn't Zero's decision to kill Weil an example of a Zeroth Law Rebellion? Yes, he wasn't made with the three laws in mind, but there's a copius amount of irony to be had for two reasons.

1. Zero CHOOSES to follow them of his own free will. Makes sense considering that Chaotic Good has no quarrels with laws that are fair or exist with good (and clear) reason (perhaps he understands the reason the three laws exist in the first place). Also, the higher the number in the three laws, the less priority and importance it has.

2. Zero killing Weil is actually in compliance with the laws of robotics, more specifically law zero. Recall that the spirit of law zero is that its a threshold law. There's a specific trigger that has to be fulfiled for it to become nessecary (such as a mass murder scenario). This arguably makes this ending a huge case of Fridge Brilliance and Genius Bonus for those who truly understand the three laws.
05:08:10 PM May 4th 2013
You can add the entry for Zeroth Law Rebellion and gives it "played with". Problem solved.
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