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04:26:51 PM Sep 19th 2012
There's a difference between "hunting down a conspiracy with leads you've gleaned from the DEA, and still requiring Woden to hold your hand through the thing after being framed for murder" and "being just a bodyguard caught up in another conspiracy fed to you by your friend". Heck, Comando Sombra, UFE, and Cracho Preta get explained to Max - who, you know, wouldn't understand this normally.
10:51:35 PM Sep 19th 2012
I'll grant you that the series has a history of Max needing outsiders to provide him with leads, people like Mona or Woden, but those were usually in the search of The Circle, the monolithic conspiracy behind America. That's beyond the scope of most people to investigate without an insider. The UFE on the other hand are the blatently corrupt police force with publically known ties to the mysteriously not-dead Branco brother, who spend every other night mass-kidnapping hundreds of people by marching them around in public. It's not the Byzantine Power Game.

Another thing that boiled my bollocks was the fact that Max simply can't work out why hundreds of people are going into a building and coming out dead. Max, come on, it's 2012. Black market organ harvesting has been a known crime since the seventies. And you know what else wouldn't help expose the conspiracy? Blowing up the building, thereby murdering shitloads of people and costing the city even more money it doesn't have, and destroying all of the evidence except for those pieces of paper you grabbed. It's not like the Cleaner storehouse in 2, where there was a huge library of evidence, because the place was destroyed due to enemy gunfire.

Dan Houser just doesn't know how to write Max. Or write.
11:20:29 PM Sep 19th 2012
Except the conspiracy turned out to be little more than a mob civil war struggling for power over NYC, and Max still needed someone to tell him this.

I could give you organ legging, since it gets obvious what it is when they're throwing medical bags into a furnace, but that is, of course, implying a third world country with little infrastructure and a known fondness of having abandoned buildings get infested with criminals, never mind the fact da Silva used him to destroy the place and drives you to take everyone involved out. Given who was in charge of it and the fact Branco still winds up in jail...
08:01:09 PM Sep 20th 2012
I'm pretty sure that The Inner Council was implicitly shown to be more than just a mafia. In the first game Max discovers that the Asguard Building is home to a massive library of evidence and past dealing belonging to the Circle which proves their hundreds of years of history stretching back to the Masonic cults. Then there's the fact that Lem spends most of the events around 2 assassinating Circle members loyal to Woden, most of whom are US Senators (You might remember the mission you do with Mona in the apartment complex, where you are too late to prevent on of their deaths). You could make a point that any number of supposed "real" conspiracies such as the Illuminati or the Free Masons are essentially globe spanning criminal empires writ-large, but the fact remains that the Inner Circle held sway over most of America, not just New York.

You might want to restructure that second paragraph though as I can't get my monkey brain around it.

I will say though that the fact that Victor ending up in the slam just seemed to me like his co-conspirators were locking him up so they could execute him out of sight.

On the subject though, I really hated the fact that Max didn't kill Victor, especially after he made such a meal out of dealing with Becker. As far as he knew, Victor was going to "walk" and start fucking with people again, making the whole of Max Payne 3 feel even more like a Shaggy Dog Story. The main reason they did have Victor die in prison was to avert that, but really, what would one more fatality have meant on Max's massive death toll? The whole experience would have paid off a lot more if Max had ended up in prison at the end of the game, and properly subverted the Mighty Whitey genre story the game was supposed to be subverting.
09:17:58 AM Sep 13th 2012
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Is it me, or does it seem like only the first of the Max Payne 3 prequel comics were written by or even looked at by Sam Lake? It's the only one which has even an iota of his original style of writing, his sardonic wit and love of literary and mythological references (What with Max's grandpa telling him the end of the Illiad, which parallels the older Max's troubles as well as his mother's trouble with Jack Payne's infidelity). The other two are morose, joyless wastes with glaring plot inaccuracies, like the part where apparently Max and Alex went on Valkyr drug busts together, when the first game is implicitly built around the idea that Max immediately transfered to DA when his family died and went undercover in the Lupino syndicate. Plus Valkyr wasn't on the NYPD's radar before then, so it couldn't possibly have occurred before his family died.

I just have massive problems with MP3, and almost all of them have to do with Dan Houser's writing style. Lake's a goofy hack at the best of times, but at least he has heart.
10:28:30 PM Sep 2nd 2012
Hey, does anyone know who's the gringo asking for help shortly after Max breaks out of interrogation and releases various gangbangers into UFE headquarters? I hadn't played the game in two weeks before that, and he recognizes Max (he says something along the lines of 'Oh, Jesus. You're not gonna get me out of here...'. I tried to find the cell he was in, but they were all empty.
08:54:09 AM Oct 12th 2012
We don't really know. His previous showing was at the strip club Max got formally introduced to Da Silva at.
06:36:13 PM Jul 3rd 2012
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Chewing the Scenery: The end of the thirteenth level has Max go batsh*t crazy. Key words pop up in the background, with the placement of the words showing how it's being said. Even saying the guy's name, Becker, is done in a slightly OTT way. The way it pops up on screen is broken in two with a line break, similar to how he says, "BECK-ER!""You DISGUSTING piece of shit. I know EV-REE-THING!!!" With "E" popping up first, "VERY" scrolling across and then "THING" in bigger letters, slamming into the "EVERY" - to paraphrase Laverne from Scrubs, "Now he all mad." http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YJFy2gMwy9s 39:10 for potential evidence
12:14:27 PM Nov 17th 2012
I agree on that. I also think that it's pretty diametrically opposed to Max's characterisation up to that point (Like most of 3). Even when chasing down the woman who murdered his family, best friend and hundreds of innocent people, Max responded only with Tranquil Fury. Suddenly organ trafficking crosses his rage threshold and makes him bawl like a petulant teenager.
02:05:26 PM Jun 19th 2012
Would anyone else consider shotgun and ingram wielding dudes demonic spiders? Shotguns can kill Max in one hit, and they usually hide around corners so as soon as you turn, you die. ingrams spray bullets all over the place making it impossible to dodge.
01:04:30 PM Jun 12th 2012
concerning the a.k.a.-47 trope: "Played straight aside from a few weapons in the third game".

this is only partially correct, the guns in the game are (with few exeptions) refered to by their real names. many weapons in this game are just brazillian productions, fairly unknown to most people and rarely present in films and videogames. some others are slightly mislabled (for example one rifle being named MD-97L, while the ingame model depicts an MD-97LC). but mostly, the guns are refered to by their real names.

i'm a very inexperienced troper, so i didn't change the page right away. i just thought i put this up to discussion here.
08:55:01 PM Jul 15th 2012
I think it still counts, but perhaps the wording could be slightly edited. While the majority of the guns ARE indeed correct, there are several (the Micro-Uzi getting called the "Micro SMG" and the strange composite G36/FX-05 assault rifle) that are not.
08:44:00 PM Jun 7th 2012
edited by reno2200
Max Payne 3 - Character Development? James Mc Caffrey shows more emotion as Max than he did in the previous games combined. Possible YMMV, anyway. Pay Evil Unto Evil might apply to a particularly brutal attack Max performs at the end of the game. When pointing a gun at the Big Bad, Max decides not to kill him, but to let him get arrested. The villain smugly lets Max know that, "I'll walk." Max agrees. "You'll walk... WITH A LIMP!" and stamps on the guy's lower leg with such impact that his splintered shin bone is visible.
04:18:55 PM Jun 27th 2012
Well for one you're probably think of Vinnie, nowhere near the big bad. Max left him to die in front of the building. Also Max goes after several villians in the first game with the full intend to kill, which he does. He had always been a anti-hero type killer.
06:03:31 AM Jun 28th 2012
He's talking about the main villain of Max Payne 3