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09:52:54 PM Aug 11th 2014
Should we make some folders? There certainly is alot of tropes...
11:14:52 PM Aug 11th 2014
Yep, that is a long example section. Go ahead and folderize it.
10:10:27 AM Jul 29th 2014
Query: Should a Fanon page be added for League of Legends? There's certainly enough common traits and tropes in most people's fanon that a page for it might be viable.

That and there's far, far too much Fanon to put in the YMMV section.
10:37:49 AM Jul 29th 2014
Well, there is nothing yet regarding Fanon on the YMMV tab, so I would add first material there. If it gets too large it can be split off.
11:36:52 AM Jul 29th 2014
I think the reason for that is because there's just far too much to add, I mean if we go for fanon for each champion, ad there's 119 (120 now with Gnar) champions, that's at the least over 100 entries.
11:38:55 AM Jul 29th 2014
There is a difference between "so much could be added" and "so much will be added". For page splitting purposes, we primarily care about the latter number - it's often one or more orders of magnitude below the former, since TV Tropes has covered only a small fraction of all possible works and Audience Reactions in the world.
10:23:02 PM Jul 30th 2014
This is gonna be fun adding all off those entries to the Fanon section.
11:27:30 PM Jul 30th 2014
Just as a note, Fanon is also in the Trivia page. Merge to where? YMMV or Trivia?
01:30:38 AM Jul 31st 2014
Fanon goes into the YMMV tab. It's not a factoid - it's a fan opinion regarding something being canon.
08:57:09 PM Nov 27th 2013
I've removed Bizarre Alien Biology with the Nasus and Renekton examples. They're based on Anubis and Sobek of Egyptian mythology, not aliens. The same applies to some other characters in Lo L.
09:31:52 PM Nov 27th 2013
What would be the appropriate trope to list their odd parentage then?

To be clear, their official lore makes it very clear that they are aliens:

They may be based off Anubis and Sobek, but canonically they're aliens.
02:46:02 PM Nov 8th 2012
edited by ArcadesSabboth
  • Massive Race Selection: Most champions are human with Yordles as the most common after them. The rest are a wide assortment of monsters and humanoids that range from animal-like humanoids to Eldritch Abominations, with a few "classic" creatures like trolls and minotaurs thrown in.

This trope was redefined and renamed. A game now needs to specifically have 6 or more separate species available in character/team creation to count as an example. I don't know the game, so I moved the example here until it can be verified for the new definition.
07:15:31 PM Jul 1st 2013
  • Humans
  • Yordles
  • Darkins
  • Trolls
  • Iceborn
  • Undead

All of the above have at least one champion, and each is an entirely separate race, even leaving out one-off characters like Evelynn of unknown race.
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