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12:11:41 AM Apr 7th 2012
The 'fatal flaw' mentioned in a few places, such as Chekhov's Skill, seems misunderstood. Or I misunderstood it. I believe/d it is how the player character completely drops his/her guard after victory. Li waits til you've beaten the supposed Big Bad and you look at him for approval, at which point you get pwned.

A similar thing happens much, much earlier - after you beat Gao the Lesser near the game's beginning, your guy looks at Li. Gao would've fried your guy if Li wasn't quick enough to block the shot. Hilariously, the annoyingly big-headed jerk-ass that you kill at the start of the game is the only opponent to use your guy's flaw against him. Fridge Brilliance that Li immediately expelled him from Kung Fu School after he nearly exploited the weakness?
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