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08:55:24 PM Apr 30th 2018
edited by User000name
<s>Is High Charity even in Halo 4</s> What is that trope were a vulnerable important part is just out in the open instead of in many layers of lead barriers? - It is called Attack Its Weak Point - imagine having a multi-billion dollar spaceship that is the length of the diameter of the moon, but if you shoot one specific part of it, the projectile will go in a straight line to its core, destroying said spaceship. I think that phenomenon occurred in Halo 4; in parts if the game the Forerunners or whoever could have had the vulnerable spots of their stuff covered with metal. This also happened throughout the entire Halo series, for example, scarabs: just walk inside the huge vehicle and shoot its vulnerable spot which is wide out in the open. And Hunters (a lekgolo formation): shouldn't they have had ALL of their organs/tissues/squishy-worms-that-collectively-form-an-intelligence covered with armour? (Just look at it - [])
09:29:38 AM May 10th 2013
here's a large amount of meanings - real world analogs to the fictional devices

Containment Containment was a United States policy to prevent the spread of communism abroad. A component of the Cold War, this policy was a response to a series of moves by the Soviet Union to enlarge communist influence

Halo A 1962 nuclear explosion as seen through the periscope of a U.S. Navy submarine. The goal was to contain Communist expansion without a nuclear war.

"The danger is that man could actually be transformed into an unfeeling machine." -george orwell 1984

promethean versus parasite Soviet power, unlike that of Hitlerite Germany, is neither schematic nor adventuristic. It does not work by fixed plans. It does not take unnecessary risks. Impervious to logic of reason, and it is highly sensitive to logic of force. For this reason it can easily withdraw—and usually does when strong resistance is encountered at any point.[5]

rampant artificial(pseudo) intelligence(intellectuals) -right wing attitude towards left wing intellectuals

"For eons I have watched. Listened to you misinterpret. This is not Reclamation. This is Reclaimer." — Mendicant Bias revealing the Covenant's error.[7]

(this is not the symbol for those to be democratized in mesopotamia, this is the symbol for those already democratic in mesopotamia) -iraq/halo2/desert with technologically superior troop transport using airborne invaders

Adjutant is a military rank or appointment. In some armies, including most English-speaking ones, it is an officer who assists a more senior officer, A reflex action, differently known as a reflex, is an involuntary and nearly instantaneous movement in response to a stimulus.[1] Scientific use of the term "reflex" refers to a behavior that is mediated via the reflex arc; this does not apply to casual uses of the term 'reflex'.

HISTORY CIRCLING BACK UPON US. The enemy is almost upon us

e·bul·lient Cheerful and full of energy: "she sounded ebullient and happy". (of liquid or matter) Boiling or agitated as if boiling: "misted and ebullient seas". Prism (optics), a transparent object which refracts light

The term mendicant (from Latin: mendicans, "begging") refers to begging or relying on charitable donations, and is most widely used for religious followers Bias is an inclination of temperament or outlook to present or hold a partial perspective at the expense of (possibly equally valid) alternatives
09:53:04 AM May 10th 2013
The Shock Doctrine In THE SHOCK DOCTRINE, Naomi Klein

didactic conductor resistance (if you can't be an example, you can be a warning) Disaster Capitalism in Action: shock resistance

librarian-didact pewpewpew army go sleep sleep~ "liberal/hippy backstabbers of the army" in vietnam no big invasion for a while after

early humans - wermacht/SS additional promethean tie-in —-> black sun occult symbol of the SS/himmler

refugees from the flood - see: red tide

"we'll give the flood no rest" SS song - marschiert

Wherever we are, we're always ahead And the devil laughs along: Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! We're fighting for Germany We're fighting for Hitler We'll give the Reds no rest

And now we stand ready for battle Against the Red plague The SS will never rest, we will annihilate

see also: last stand of the SS against the red army in berlin

refer to early reclaimers and forerunner interaction with mutual distrust of the red tide/flood

Deterring Democracy Copyright © 1991, 1992 by Noam Chomsky. Published by South End Press. Chapter 1: Cold War: Fact and Fancy Segment 12/20

In 1937, the State Department saw Fascism as compatible with U.S. economic interests. A report of the European Division explained its rise as the natural reaction of "the rich and middle classes, in self-defense" when the "dissatisfied masses, with the example of the Russian revolution before them, swing to the Left." Fascism therefore "must succeed or the masses, this time reinforced by the disillusioned middle classes, will again turn to the left." Not until European Fascism attacked U.S. interests directly did it become an avowed enemy. The reaction to Japanese Fascism was much the same.57

see also: "we slaughtered the wrong pig" - winston churchill and patton's desire/readiness to go to war against russia immediately after WW2

legacy of the mantle of responsibility

Although Kipling's poem mixed exhortation to empire with somber warnings of the costs involved, imperialists within the United States understood the phrase "white man's burden" as a characterization for imperialism that justified the policy as a noble enterprise.

legendary ending

in this hour of victory (mission accomplished) we lie defeated (withdrawal an inevitable conclusion)

references to losing cortana as similar to PTSD, cortana essentially playing the liberty or death card, ender's game - machine versus biology dynamics in play as well - in this installment the man or machine aspect is extremely relevant, today's society has many policies and attitudes that can easily be nudged into compliance with fascistic ones, but they aren't fascistic at the time (the emphasis of this installment being relevant to today's issues)

another aspect is that the librarian and didact represent a typical 50's couple, or 60's couple, old people, masterchief and cortana represent "the new people" of today, the machine-biology dynamic is much more harmonic and they are closer to each other, as opposed to conflicting
10:03:03 AM May 10th 2013
reason for including the iraq invasion

didact representative of old power systems within USA, masterchief representative of new power systems and people today within USA - note furthermore the didact's jealousy over MC's role in removing the flood - read on: fall of communism for more insight into genuine liberalism's role

of note is also the various references to biblical passages in the earlier halo games, each trilogy is it's own meaning sets - the covenant being the USA in 2-3/ODST

passages on many fortresses, and coming to one's end and noone helping are of relevance - historical significance is that these were put into the bible as a description of alexander the great's conquests and demise after conquering the medes/persians

the reclaimation will be brutal, and the reclaimers are not perfect - possible reference to difficulties within the recent dissident movements

additional bonus to reference points - humans in halo killing each other before covenant arrive, iraqi history similar

remember to confine the meanings based on 2/3/ODST versus 4+

you're welcome everyone~
04:20:59 PM Nov 21st 2012
The game has really taken off, I was wondering, at what point do we give spartan ops its one trope section? We now have a big bad, Jul Mdama. Spartan ops is still expanding, it needs its own section.
12:02:06 AM Mar 5th 2013
Long since done by now.
11:57:13 PM Nov 12th 2012
Couldn't the Railgun be an example of "There's no kill like overkill"? I mean c'mon, not only does it propel a metal slug at Ludicrous Speed^2 (it is a magnetically accelerated projectile after all); they also made that projectile a HIGH-EXPLOSIVE!!1!11!! to make sure the unlucky bravo on the recieving end was extra extra deader. It just seems beyond unnecessary IMO. I could be wrong however.

PS. When playing the game, the explosion is also super tiny so that it only can really affect the individual it was fired at, so extra localized collateral damage can't be used as an explanation. Also, and I'm just thinking outloud; would the relatively minuscule amount of the explosive that could be packed in a 16mm x 65mm round be negligible compared to the kinetic energy (and its ensuing explosion) that would imparted by the ultra-HV round? (Considering that 2500's era explosives are quite comparable to current ones, not to mention a slug that possessed all the cavities required for payload and fusing would structurally weaken the round to such an extent that most if not all benefits of a Mag HV weapon would be lost. ie. superior penetration as well as superior kinetic energy transference).

Ultimately it just seems like superfluous addition of "let's take a beyond hyper-lethal weapon and add explosives to it to because... people love explosions!" Seems to push it into the overkill category.

Thoughts? (apologies if external links are not allowed, I just thought some supporting stats would be helpful to my point)
04:31:39 PM Nov 19th 2012
The explosives seem to be there more to add some more anti-vehicle flair to the weapon. And everything is better with explosives...

Besides, We have a trope for this.
06:03:58 PM Dec 2nd 2012
Clearly he didn't know that, seeing as to how he asked about whether or not the Railgun was an example of that trope.
10:21:09 AM Nov 12th 2012
Regarding the Chief's Armor, where does it say Cortana used Nanomachines to modify it? I know they say it happens to the Spartan IV armor in the Traviss books, but ingame, all Cortana says she did was update the suits operating system.
02:01:39 PM Oct 26th 2012
No spoilers: I think it's time to put the No Spoilers strip up, thanks to people having played Halo4 pre-release. ~~~~
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