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05:39:34 PM Dec 4th 2012
Request the page be renamed to VideoGame/HalfLife2 for ease of linking.
04:22:13 AM Jun 14th 2012
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The Vortigaunt who accompanies Freeman for a large portion of Episode Two has some very interesting lines, among them at least a couple good examples of alliteration:
Vortigaunt: Ah, a puzzling predicament of the sort the Freeman is famed for swiftly solving.
Vortigaunt: Fear not, Freeman, for I follow.
I'd love to see these in the article somehow, but what trope would they fall under? Surely not Added Alliterative Appeal? That's for trope names, right?
06:05:30 PM Nov 25th 2012
That's correct.
12:10:13 PM Dec 9th 2012
I'd stick them on a Quotes tab.
01:35:09 AM Dec 14th 2012
edited by fllthdcrb
Good idea. Thanks.
06:17:49 AM Nov 3rd 2011
From the examples to Overrated And Underleveled: "In the backstory, the Combine walk over Earth's combined military in a matter of hours. In game they have difficulty dealing with a small ragtag resistance, a theoretical physicist, and (in Episode Two) a single human base. Could be somewhat justified in that this is, supposedly, just a peacekeeping force, and multiple characters suggest that if the Combine came in force as they did originally, humanity would get stomped." IMHO, it is justified even more solidly.
  • The Earth was taken by surprise in the Seven Hours War. If the Combine opened portals directly into presidential offices and headquarters of major powers (and there is nothing that would have prevented it to do so), it would have disrupted the chain of command of Earth forces and bring total chaos upon them for hours, at least. This would have been enough for the Combine to disarm most of the military and crush remaining autonomous resistance herds.
  • Also, fighting against guerrillas is different from fighting a regular army. It took the US some weeks to remove the Taliban government from Kabul. It takes them years to suppress the Taliban entirely, and whole portions of Afghanistan are still effectively under Taliban control.
07:04:32 AM Nov 3rd 2011
We don't need to have long diatribes about this in the main articles. We're a wiki documenting tropes, not a forum. That said, we have pages where you can discuss this stuff to your heart's content, like the aforementioned forum and the Headscratchers pages, like the one for this game.
09:13:32 AM Mar 22nd 2012
Hmm, it would appear that Overrated And Underleveled is attracting more natter, so I just cut it out completely. The game tells you why the Combine can't deal with Gordon and the resistance so it's not an example.