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09:49:14 PM Jul 26th 2017
is their a reason owain and noire support chain inst in the getting crap past the radar page cause it has some blanket innuendos
05:38:00 PM Aug 17th 2015
Any idea WTF is wrong with the markup on this page? None of the folders are working, but they appear to be formatted properly.
03:26:47 AM Aug 18th 2015
There is one giant folder that needs to be split up.
03:56:37 PM Aug 22nd 2015
07:12:27 AM Nov 14th 2014
Should we revert the recent page title change that added a colon to the game's name? It's a little inconsistent, but it's generally agreed the game has no colon in the title, and is listed as such on the official website and in the newest Smash Bros.
10:14:23 AM Nov 14th 2014
Most other sources do show it, though.
11:21:34 AM Nov 14th 2014
Hrm, the boxart seems to be lacking the colon and if other Nintendo sources, it seems like it should go.

... though why it wouldn't have the colon is beyond me. But it seems legit.
01:50:10 PM Nov 14th 2014
@ Septimus Heap Where exactly? The only places I see it listed with a colon are non-offical. The only official place I see it listed with one is on Miiverse, and it's fair to assume this was simply an error. I have no clue why the title DOESN'T have a colon, granted.
02:31:03 AM Nov 15th 2014
Sources on the Internet. I can't speak of their accuracy, though.
11:44:22 AM Nov 15th 2014
Then I repeat that nearly every official source has listed the game without a colon in the title. The title change should be reverted.
12:17:38 PM Nov 15th 2014
A trip to the game's official site has convinced me - correcting title has been submitted and approved.
07:46:18 AM Nov 18th 2014
Aaaaand it was just changed back again. Who keeps doing it?
09:04:08 AM Nov 18th 2014
A change in the servers has changed a lot of custom titles. If you find more jacked-up ones, use the "Customize Wikiword" tool in the "tools" sidebar to request a correct one.
02:25:15 AM Aug 6th 2014
Should a quotes page be added to Awakening? Granted, there are a lot of quotes, both spoken and in text, but still a nice idea right?
02:27:17 AM Aug 6th 2014
Well, if there are lots of noteworthy quotes, yeah, go ahead and make Quotes.Fire Emblem Awakening.
06:20:49 AM Jul 23rd 2014
Who here thinks FE 13 is shovelware disguised as a AAA game?
06:29:37 AM Jul 23rd 2014
Is that Awakening? If so... yeah. I didn't like the game, but calling it shovelware kinda proves that you have no idea what that means.
09:10:41 AM Jul 24th 2014
Moron: It IS shovelware.
09:26:50 AM Jul 24th 2014
...Shovelware is an outright "zero-effort" game with poor production values from a studio that produced other games like it in massive numbers. Larkmarn is right: love it or hate it, it doesn't count.
06:03:11 PM Jun 14th 2014
edited by
Would a trope related like Five-Man Band work here? At least, with the main characters with the story.

The Leader: Chrom The Lancer: Lucinia The Smart Guy: My Unit The Big Guy: Frederick The Chick: Lissa

It may be a stupid question, but I want a clarification before I add something that someone may/may not agree with.
12:25:28 AM Jun 15th 2014
I don't know, but this forum discussion probably does.
09:34:34 AM Mar 9th 2014
Should Lucina's name really be spoilered? The game's been out for over a year now.
10:39:55 AM Mar 11th 2014
edited by
A complete spoiler cleanup on the characters page is necessary. I myself am busy cleaning stuff on other pages, so it's best to start applying the rules before a moderator comes crashing in.

Are you up to the task?
08:24:23 AM Mar 14th 2014
I'll do my best.
02:15:07 PM Jan 16th 2014
Should all of the game's Ho Yay implications really fall under Getting Crap Past the Radar? The game is already rated T, and one minute in the Hubba Tester should make it obvious that they aren't trying to sneak anything.
02:25:02 PM Jan 16th 2014
Ho Yay is an Audience Reaction, ergo not suitable to Getting Crap Past the Radar, much less in a T-rated game. Cut it.
06:13:00 AM Nov 19th 2013
Isn't thinking Cherche is a woman stereotype a bit ironic? She's one of the few FE women to have a bonus to STR and DEF, unlike the typical SKL/SPD ones.
01:16:29 AM Jul 3rd 2013
Is the Yen'fay example really irony? I can see what the entry was going for, but I think this example really belongs to a different trope, but I'm not sure which one. In the chapter where you fight him in the volcano, when the island he's on collapses into the lava, the square he's standing on actually doesn't fall. I think this might be Up To Eleven, or a Brick Joke.
07:44:40 AM Jul 16th 2013
I see where you're coming from, but I personally think it is. While it's true that being resistant to heat didn't really play a part in the fight, the fact that he met his end in the place he had the biggest advantage seems ironic enough (in my opinion, at least).
05:34:51 PM Jul 18th 2013
I always thought being resistant to heat was just a joke about the fact that he alone isn't harmed by the passive damage from the area.
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