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06:28:26 PM May 31st 2018
Can we divide these trope so into folders? Itís a big page.
06:24:54 PM Feb 14th 2013
Some time ago I added Truth in Television as a trope in regards to real life community prisons and just reading through now it was removed. I'm not sure why but I would like to know how the trope does not apply.
10:32:32 AM Nov 5th 2012
Wait. It says that Robin was silent until the Harley DLC. I thought he was voiced in the main game by Crispin Freeman? Or was that just referencing the challenge maps?
08:14:51 AM Jul 20th 2012
Upon unlocking the Riddler-centric "The Puzzler" achievement/trophy, did anyone make the connection between it and the scene in Batman Forever where Edward Nyigma, coming up with various names for his new supervillain persona, tosses around the name of "The Puzzler"?
03:51:42 PM Jul 21st 2012
Eh, not necessarily. Riddler is referred to as a "puzzler" quite a lot in the comics and since it's alongside achievements named things like "Intellectual" and "Mastermind" I figured it was just being used as an adjective.
04:28:13 AM Jul 13th 2012
edited by Match25
Anyone else a bit depressed by the announcement of a new Batman game that will be a "prequel" where Batman met with Joker for the first time. I was really hoping with the death of the Joker they would start focusing on other characters from Batman's rogue gallery. But nope its another game with the Joker being the Big Bad once again. Overall i was really looking forward to playing a game that went along with Azrael's prophecy, or better yet what Scarecrow was up to.
03:38:42 PM Jul 21st 2012
From what I've heard it's still just a rumor that was started by one website. I'm waiting for an official announcement from Rocksteady before I start getting butthurt about Joker overuse.
06:23:42 AM May 27th 2012
How does someone take off the High Octane Nightmare Fuel tab? It redirects to straight Nightmare Fuel now, making it redundant.
10:20:46 AM May 27th 2012
^22 inbounds make it non-redundant. Maybe in the future the HONF icon will be removed.
12:01:07 PM Jan 5th 2012
Can someone add the tearjerker picture link to the top. It's in the subpage catagory to the left, but not showing up at the top. I'm not sure why
03:28:33 PM Dec 23rd 2011
edited by Gatchaman432
New entry for Mythology Gag:
  • Joker hides the diseased half of his face with white makeup in order to keep a ..."normal"... appearance around his minions, his enemies, and those he has forged alliances with, the exact opposite of putting on skin-colored makeup to fool the Mob and everyone else that he was still Jack Napier, which he did in Batman.
03:57:36 PM Dec 23rd 2011
Except it's not makeup. It's Clayface.
02:26:27 AM Dec 12th 2011
edited by Ekimmak
Someone just added that with the first riddler hostage, he calls you out on cheating if you use the line launcher. He says I'm cheating everytime I take this mission, line launcher or no line launcher. Am I doing it wrong?
11:43:19 PM Dec 2nd 2011
You know, as fun as the DLC costumes are for Batman in the game, some of them are missing that one minor detail to make them perfect, you know? My personal favorite costume is the Sinestro Corps. Batman. It gets the point across and it looks great. The only thing I wish the Dev team though of was to pallete swap his gear so it would be yellow, like all his tools were really hard light constructs. At least with the batarangs, lord knows he's got a million at a time. What about you my fellow tropers? any thoughts to set the dlc over the edge?
05:33:51 PM Dec 3rd 2011
You should take that to the forums.
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