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06:15:30 AM Dec 13th 2013
Given the Dev Team Thinking of Most Things, I was a bit disappointed that the cutscenes for the Parker/Marburg confrontations were so limited! There's no recognition if you tell Marburg about Parker's role in Deus Vult -and- tell Parker about Madison, or if you tell Marburg about Deus Vult and then turn Parker and get him to protect the data. Oh well - it's still a good sequence.
11:32:44 AM May 24th 2012
Maybe spoilers: I wasn't exactly sure where in the world I would put this info. I found evidence that Senator Darcy is Republican. An email from Mina allows you to get a dossier on Sean, and that outs his father as R-VA. So I guess it kinda contradicts his No Party Given status. I thought someone should know.
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