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06:31:30 AM May 14th 2014
So, I noticed Yume Nikki doesn't have a character page. Shouldn't we add one?
09:05:11 AM May 14th 2014
Feel free to do so, but please keep it Zero-Context Example-free.
11:43:51 AM Dec 13th 2012
  • World Map: A certain area looks like one of these, which is itself another Homage.

World Map is a disambiguatiuon. Feel free to select the appropriate trope and add it back.
04:45:45 PM Apr 1st 2012
On the main page, you have Kikiyama classified as a girl. Now, unless I'm missing something, I've thought for a while that Kikiyama was shrouded in anonymity. If this isn't some sort of error, has there arisen evidence of his/her identity?
01:40:57 AM Jun 4th 2011
Alright, the WMG page has a trigger warning label on the top of the page. I think it should be removed since the Trigger article specifically states that trigger warnings shouldn't be place ANYWHERE BUT FAN FICTION.

I'm thinking about removing trigger warning on the WMG. But there are others who might be opposed to it.

What do you guys think?
07:48:57 AM Jun 4th 2011
Personally, I believe that this trope should be considered more universal and the pothole/warning at the top of the WMG page should stay, for the simple fact that someone can be triggered regardless of whether or not they are reading fan fiction, and that it's cruel to not put a trigger warning near commonly triggering material (such as Rape Tropes, self harm, etc.)
03:44:16 PM Jun 5th 2011
Moderator hat on.

This is our policy on trigger warnings. "In short, Fan Fic Recs should have objectionable content of any kind tagged already, works with a Squicky premise may have unofficial warnings, and no trigger warnings are permitted otherwise."
11:21:18 AM May 20th 2011
Another Fridge Brilliance question: Why is it considered Fridge Brilliance for "the drinks you get from using your money you got from killing various NP Cs gives you HP"? It's been pretty standard in any game I've played that you get money from your fallen enemies, and that money can be used to buy drinks that restore HP... and in a game where you don't even lose HP in the first place... doesn't seem brilliant to me. (of course, this is in the YMMV page, but still... why?)
06:55:50 AM Dec 19th 2010
Although a more recent version of the game also features an alternate ending, though the way to get that one is the scariest part of the whole game.

Has Kikiyama released a new version while I didn't look? Otherwise I doubt that there is another ending. That would have become common knowledge otherwise (especially since the game is easy to dissect, being made with the RPG Maker).

Or is it even a version, modified by a fan? I've read that there is one. If that's the case, then I don't think it should be written here or at least there should be a note that it's a fan version.
03:41:20 PM Jan 14th 2011
It's a fan mod, and I believe it's now stated to be so on the page. I'm not sure I agree with the ending area being the scariest part, but YMMV. By the way, if anyone knows of a working link to this mod, I'd be greatful. The ones found on the youtube videos of it are dead links.
08:44:55 PM Dec 17th 2010
Played straight in, at least, the version of the game given above. An unending string of error messages appear when it tries to load a background mp3. Easily fixed by converting all mp3s in the game's music file to wavs.

Removed, because this is not a bug to Yume Nikki itself, but to RPG Maker. Certain copies of it or the RTP seem to not take to mp3s well, and even then only certain mp3s. The most stable version usually behaves fine, but more modern mp3s, with album art and the like, cause problems. Yume Nikki doesn't have the sort.
11:05:48 PM Jun 9th 2010
edited by Nyarly
Regarding the Ship-to-Ship Combat, is it really this bad? Of course I noticed that Madotsuki/Masada is popular, but I never noticed anything that could qualify as Ship-to-Ship Combat...

And why is it Fridge Brilliance that the knife effect is found in the dark world?
06:37:05 AM Jun 29th 2010
Because, well, it's a dark, sinister thing.
11:14:22 AM May 20th 2011
There's nothing inherently dark about a knife... and there are plenty of other things that would be just as "brilliant" if found in the Dark World... I'm with the OP on this one.
02:15:12 PM Mar 11th 2012
Except that the knife is a darker effect IN THE GAME. You go around stabbing people who die with a scream - the knife is a 'darker' item than most of the others when used.
10:04:04 AM Aug 6th 2012
Perhaps it's supposed to be referencing the phrase "a knife in the dark?"
06:07:28 AM May 31st 2010
Is adding fan sequel examples allowed/should be allowed?
09:51:28 AM Jul 13th 2010
Sure, why not. How about making a separate page for the fangames?
06:44:36 AM Jul 18th 2010
Um, let's see...How about sort of a "Character Page" variant for the fangames? That should work out. I'll call the people at /fg/ for help, so there should be enough examples in no time. (not to mention about half of us are working on projects)
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