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08:13:22 AM Jun 14th 2014
I've removed this from the main work page:

  • Stylistic Suck: According to an Iwata Asks, Arzest wanted to make Yoshi's New Island worse than the original, because the developers not only knew that they weren't able to make a game as good as the original, but none of Arzest had played Yoshi's Island. They also wanted to make the music match the quality of the game.

Something tells me that this is most likely false information: what kind of developer would admit to deliberately making their game worse?
09:51:04 AM Jun 14th 2014
It doesn't even specify which IA this is referring to. Links or it didn't happen.
07:13:35 PM Jun 14th 2014
P4gaming is Satire.
07:05:38 PM Jul 27th 2013
Concerning the Disc One Nuke example: At least in the GBA version, you unlock the bonus games by getting a world's total high score to over 700, not necessarily getting 100 on each stage.
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