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09:51:10 AM Dec 1st 2012
Would a 'character' page for the various classes and alien races be a smart idea in the future?
06:06:55 AM Oct 17th 2012
There's a rather hilarious Shout-Out in the situation room chatter, where Bradford mentions a 'weirdo named Straker' going on about 'Shadow agents'. Obviously a shout-out to the 1970 Gerry Anderson series UFO (which partly inspired the original X-COM).

Problem is, I can't get that quote to play again and I don't remember the exact wording. Can anybody help out there so we can add it in?
11:09:11 AM Oct 15th 2012
Rule of Cool: Pump-action lasers.

Acceptable edit?
03:53:32 PM Oct 15th 2012
I'd say yes.
05:07:51 AM Oct 14th 2012
What with Fake Nationality being Not a Trope, is there any way to point out the hilariously bad attempt at german Dr. Vahlen's english VA makes in the tutorial?
12:33:00 PM Oct 14th 2012
Read the Banner at the top of Fake Nationality:

This entry is trivia, which is cool and all, but not a trope. On a work, it goes on the Trivia tab.

01:13:48 PM Oct 14th 2012
I meant if it would fit under any of the accent-based tropes :P. Doesn't look like it though.
05:51:55 AM Oct 15th 2012
Gratuitous Foreign Language maybe? Although not all conditions of it are statisfied. The German line by Dr. Vahlen in the intro might be bad and awkward. But it's certainly not thrown in for flavor, as it makes sense in that situation to try to communicate in German. (By the way: I am a native German speaker. After I heard that line in the tutorial, I thought she was French)
06:23:14 AM Oct 15th 2012
Translation Trainwreck, "Blind Idiot" Translation depending on if they fit. I don't speak German, so I don't know in what way is her german bad.
09:12:17 AM Oct 15th 2012
edited by MattStriker
Well, she speaks english with a definite german accent and german with a definite english one (or at least whatever her native language is, it obviously doesn't have the '' or 'CH' sounds). Meh, don't really think it's worthy of the main page, but it definitely did amuse me, may be a kind of YMMV regarding linguistics :P.
02:37:17 PM Oct 16th 2012
edited by PS
@CobraPrime: It's not a Translation Trainwreck or a "Blind Idiot" Translation. The sentence is grammatically correct and makes sense in the context (she asks "We came to help, can you hear me?"). Just the pronunciation is way off.
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