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08:58:04 AM Oct 9th 2011
Removed: Did Not Do The Research.

Reason: I've got to disagree on this. 1. She's a Second Leftenant, in charge of an entire regiment. That's a shocking thought in an of itself, considering the number of ranking officers that should be above her. 2. Yes, there are women (and all-women regiments) in the guard. The thing is, most units are seperated by gender, rather than being mixed together. Considering that 99% of the Guardsmen you actually run into and talk to are male, it's not hard to believe that the Space Marines would assume that it is an all-male regiment they are dealing with.

This is drawn from what I know about the 597th Valhallan (I think that was Cain's unit) and the Tanith First-and-Only (used to be all-male until they started letting anyone in since Tanith got destroyed.)
03:38:14 PM Oct 9th 2011
edited by Iaculus
Actually, the person who wrote the DNDTR entry was exactly right about how the Cadians operate, and the Ultramarines have worked alongside Cadian regiments often enough to know how they do things - Titus's company in particular, since they're often dispatched to the Cadian Gate.

Still don't think it's a valid example of the trope, though, because they do indeed seem more surprised that she's a second lieutenant effectively running the defence of a freakin' forge world on her own.
05:02:50 PM Oct 10th 2011
Actually, there's one very good reason why Did Not Do The Research should never have been listed on the page. And its right there in big bold letters on the DNDTR page: This index has no examples and should not be used as a trope elsewhere.
11:01:17 AM Sep 20th 2011
Lo, a new Character sheet comes fourth. Please fill it will our love.
06:03:56 PM Sep 8th 2011
edited by iphobos
Wasn't there some sort of early game build demonstration featuring Chaos and Traitor Guard?
06:43:03 PM Sep 8th 2011
I don't remember. They're in the game now, though.
06:55:07 AM Aug 24th 2011
Anyone know for sure the plasma weapons work on overheating? Pretty sure they do but I'm not sure.
02:02:52 PM Sep 6th 2011
They do. AFAIK, they even blow up in your face if you're not careful with it.
05:59:59 PM Sep 6th 2011
Yeah, I actually have been playing, forgot I posted this <_<

Thanks for the response, though.
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