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01:28:37 AM Feb 23rd 2017
What's the spoiler policy for this page? We've got Second Dream examples spoilered, and right after that War Within examples un-spoilered. What should be done?
06:05:11 PM Feb 23rd 2017
Personally, I'm all for tagging all main content from Natah onwards. So, Natah, Second Dream, War Within, and any other quests that seem to be of a 'main' nature.
03:54:18 AM Jul 11th 2016
edited by RenagadeGam3r
Handicapped Badass under Tenno in General needs to be updated as the latest War with In teaser shows the Operator being able to walk on their own.

Link for proof:

I'd do it myself but I'm very, very new at editing trope pages and I don't know how to mark things as spoilers
03:27:18 AM Mar 21st 2016
Second Dream spoilers. So, now that we know that Operator is the actual player character, and have some tropes for them, should we make a separate entry for them on the Characters page? Under a Walking Spoiler tag, of course.
02:14:40 AM Jul 7th 2015
Removed this example here because of dubious canonicity; if anybody has Word of God on the matter, please share so it can be added back to the page/axed completely.

  • The Tenno's warframes are all actually made partially by the Technocyte Plague, which is where their organic construction comes from. The Tenno inside are some humanoid species that were able to resist the Plague and survive the tortures the Orokin placed on them in the Void.
07:08:53 AM Jul 7th 2015
edited by BlueMadness
Steve has mentioned, in one Devstream, that the Technocyte Plague, harkening back to darkSector, had created this sort of living, organic metal, as seen in Hayden Tenno's arm, that was the basis for the technology we see in Warframe. However, I'm not sure this information is actually of any use to us, considering how often they seem to change their minds on those Devstreams.
09:14:07 PM Sep 13th 2014
  • An Adventurer Is You: The frames fit these roles relatively well, although there's a fair amount of crossover:
    • The Tank: Rhino, Frost.
    • The Healer: Trinity.
    • The DPS: Excalibur, Volt, Ash, Valkyr, Zephyr, Hydroid.
    • The Status Effect Guy: Mag, Loki, Banshee, Nyx, Vauban, Mirage.
    • The Resource Master: Nekros.
    • Area of Effect: Ember, Saryn, Nova.
    • Jack of All Trades: Oberon.

This needs to be expanded. What's a Mitigation Tank? What's a Resource Master? Any example that requires you to go to a different page to understand it is a bad example. You're just listing arbitrary classifications and expecting the reader to understand what you mean.

Picking an easy one out, an example should be something to the effect of this:

  • The Tank: Rhino is a Mitigation Tank as it mitigates damage with its high hit points and shield points, as well as its to outright negate damage for a certain amount of time/damage.
03:01:26 AM Sep 14th 2014
I'll see if I can, but I'll do it with a lot of label notes.
02:42:24 PM Mar 1st 2014
Concerning the character page, either Hyena and Jackal should get individual entries instead of being grouped together, or Zanuka and harvester should be combined into one entry, since they're basically slighly different versions of the same proxy (even Alad himself refers to the Harvester as "Zanuka").

On the same note, J3-Golem has been removed from the Codex, meaning he's now an officially retired boss, and should thus be removed from the characters page, unless room is made there for retired characters.
01:04:42 PM Mar 2nd 2014
Agree about the Corpus proxies.

J3 is in a odd spot, the devs want him to return, but he is effectively out of the game now and was a place holder anyway. I say it's ok to nuke the entry for now, we'll add him if he ever gets to return in the game.
06:49:47 AM Mar 1st 2014
edited by
I've further cleaned up the page to make it up to date. Exhaustive list of change here:

Fan Nickname: 'Derf Anyo' is a fan character, not a nickname for Nef.

Mechanical Monster: Hyena is no longer a copy of Jackal. Added reference for Zanuka and Heyna pack.

Mighty Glacier: Changed the stated value for Rhino's armor reduction (armor calculation has changed).

Mirror match: Removed mention of Stalker's old armament: these were place holders.

Moar dakka: Added Cestra line of weapon.

Randomly drop: Scraped and replaced with Rare Random Drop. Added nemesis allusion.

Sadistic choice: Grammar/syntax.

Shield bearing mook: Added some info, removed melee allusion (they can't be melee'd through their shields anymore)

Smug snake: Corrected "Cyrosleep".

Speaking Simlish: Updated info about Grineer trooper and soon to be Corpus language.

Spy catsuit: Added trivia about Zephyr.

Super-Prototype: Added comment about how wildly the power level of Prime items varies.

Sword and Gun: Removed comment about how the game "emphasize ranged and melee combat" because I honestly don't see what other kind of combat there can be. The comment was pointlessly broad, is what I am saying.

This cannot be: Removed comment about power level of Stalker. Let's leave that up in the air since it's hard to judge his power level (not everyone has equal gear or skills) and we cannot test it reliably regardless. Without mentioning he is subject to stealth changes, that the players typically are not aware of, so he can turn much stronger and no one would know before meeting him again.

Unfriendly fire: Removed Ogris/Thunderbolt comment, it is no longer true. Added comment about Radioactive proc on enemies.

Videogame flamethrower: Ignis is a powerhouse right now, changed entry to reflect this.

Weapon of choice: Couple of updates throughout the entry.

Weapon twirling: Added comment about Jat Kittag.
04:45:35 AM Nov 16th 2013
Is this really an example of Cold Flames?
  • Cold Flames: Nothing is stopping you from putting a Freeze Damage mod on a weapon that already has a Fire Damage mod. Or on a flamethrower.
04:39:49 PM Sep 20th 2013
For "An Adventurer Is You", where does Nekros fit? His abilities suggest he's the DPS, Resource Master, Status Effect Guy and Petmaster, respectively. Hardest one of the bunch the sort...
11:41:48 AM May 30th 2013
Is there any real proof that the Grineer are "galactic" conquerors? From what I can tell by reading the lore it just seems like their empire is basically the solar system and there's no mention of them being a galactic power, same with the Corpus.
07:42:25 AM Apr 15th 2013
Not sure if Lotus used to be a Woman in White before, but she wears purple in in her character pic when she calls you witrh orders. I suggest removing the trope.
08:14:48 AM Mar 31st 2013
Characters page is up, as I personally find that many tropes are easier to remember or think of when looking at a page structured by characters rather than in the context of a whole work.
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