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07:02:05 PM Nov 2nd 2014
Rosa, the Thin-Blood, wasn't a Malkavian or I should say, she wasn't necessarily embraced by a Malkavian, Thin-Bloods have the ability to see the future and when there are more around, this ability is more effective, but like the Malkavians, they might not understand their visions. That's one of reasons why some Kindred fear the Thin-Blooded, because, they might know their secrets and plans, also, they might confirm the Gehenna will happen, no matter what those who are trying to stop it are doing and no matter what those who negate it are saying and as some Vampires and Sects use that to gain power, the Thin-bloods might ruin that for them, too. I'm saying all of this, because there's a section which says she's a Thin-Blooded Malkavian, that should be changed or removed.
09:44:51 AM Oct 9th 2014
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Should link the unofficial patch somewhere on this page, since it's pretty required by this point to experience the full game, And if not, then should we put a mod page?
12:57:04 AM Oct 10th 2014
Eh, I don't think we really do offer games for people.
06:29:02 AM Oct 10th 2014
And that means?
06:34:34 AM Oct 10th 2014
I'd say that it already is, under "Game Mod" on the page with several others. It doesn't need to be on top.
07:28:29 AM Oct 20th 2014
Where exactly is it under game mods?
08:22:17 AM Oct 20th 2014
It's literally the first entry.
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