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04:24:27 PM Aug 29th 2016
edited by Theokal3
Soooo some guy named Lujo is currently removing everything in the trope and character pages making a reference to the unofficial patch. Is he actually in the right to do that? I mean, nobody ever seemed to have problem with writing down stuff about the mods before.... he makes the argument that some of it is misleading (which is true), but he also removed informations that are correct.
03:44:28 PM Aug 30th 2016
edited by Lujo
Most mentions to the unofficial patch present the contents of the "unofficial patch +" as contents of a bug-fixing patch, and the unofficial patch + is quite demonstrably a mod. It doesn't even come bundled with, for example, the Go G release of the game, so it is misleading in that way, too, as people might expect things which aren't in the unofficial patch they have installed to be in the game.

Many of the changes in the unofficial patch + are examples of things like Disc One Nuke and other questionable practices, so promoting it in particular is unwise. The actual, separate bugfixing patch doesn't change anything, so there's nothing to mention about it, unless a bug is cited which it adresses.
03:51:22 AM Aug 31st 2016
Fair enough, but that contempt also was made with the Go G release of the game because the company making it was closed behind, and as far as I know most players still use this patch, so just removing it entirely doesn't exactly seem reasonable. Why not just instead specify this is only in the Unofficial Patch +, or even make a separate section on the page for the contempt available in Unofficial Patch + only? This site aknowledges the existence of fanfics, I don't see any issue with aknowledging the exitence of a patch commonly used.
06:17:19 AM Aug 31st 2016
Because including stuff from a fan-made mod is exactly like including stuff from a fantic on a source work's page.

I don't know or care about the quality of the mod, but stuff exclusive to it shouldn't be here.
07:20:35 AM Aug 31st 2016
edited by Theokal3
Okay. I find this highly confusing seeing how Skyrim's Funny/Heartwarming pages all have sections for mod contempt and nobody ever complained about it, but whatever.
07:43:50 AM Aug 31st 2016
Just because one page breaks the rules doesn't mean others should. It's not surprising that would slip under the radar, considering it's a YMMV subpage.
08:07:08 AM Aug 31st 2016
Does that mean there are actual rules forbidding to mention mod contempt?
08:14:47 AM Aug 31st 2016
There are actual rules saying "only things within a work goes on the work's page."

If it's a fan-mod, then it isn't the same work.
10:49:45 AM Aug 31st 2016
Okay, now it makes sense.

Should it get a separate page, then?
11:01:28 AM Aug 31st 2016
It can.
07:02:05 PM Nov 2nd 2014
Rosa, the Thin-Blood, wasn't a Malkavian or I should say, she wasn't necessarily embraced by a Malkavian, Thin-Bloods have the ability to see the future and when there are more around, this ability is more effective, but like the Malkavians, they might not understand their visions. That's one of reasons why some Kindred fear the Thin-Blooded, because, they might know their secrets and plans, also, they might confirm the Gehenna will happen, no matter what those who are trying to stop it are doing and no matter what those who negate it are saying and as some Vampires and Sects use that to gain power, the Thin-bloods might ruin that for them, too. I'm saying all of this, because there's a section which says she's a Thin-Blooded Malkavian, that should be changed or removed.
09:44:51 AM Oct 9th 2014
edited by
Should link the unofficial patch somewhere on this page, since it's pretty required by this point to experience the full game, And if not, then should we put a mod page?
12:57:04 AM Oct 10th 2014
Eh, I don't think we really do offer games for people.
06:29:02 AM Oct 10th 2014
And that means?
06:34:34 AM Oct 10th 2014
I'd say that it already is, under "Game Mod" on the page with several others. It doesn't need to be on top.
07:28:29 AM Oct 20th 2014
Where exactly is it under game mods?
08:22:17 AM Oct 20th 2014
It's literally the first entry.
04:18:06 AM Dec 10th 2011
edited by Fenrischan
I've been searching for weeks - what is the source on the claim that there is a bisexual option for Romero via an unofficial patch? TV Tropes is literally the only place I have found that says this. Is there any truth in this, or have I wasted my time looking?
07:48:54 PM Nov 12th 2011
edited by NeeChee
Nothing now.
11:20:14 AM May 14th 2011
edited by WolfWitness
Why are entries in the mainpage saying the Tal'mahe'ra Blade is in the Ninth Circle crackhouse? It's in the Hallowbrook Hotel unless you're using a mod that altered its position. It was placed way deeper in the hotel in Wesp's Unofficial Patch and left untouched in Tessera's True Patch.
10:57:19 AM May 12th 2011
Why is this game so damn expensive? Its over 7 years old!
11:02:13 AM May 12th 2011
Probably because its hard to find due to the company that made it closing down right after it was made.
01:26:58 PM Jan 25th 2011
Why on earth all the guides seems so nonchalantely about finding Pisha's lair in the hospital and they fail to mention that huge wall of scraps in the corridor just after the corner!? How I'm supposed to pass!?
01:12:38 PM Jan 26th 2011
edited by SirBob42
All the guides assume that you look around. In the first door on the left there is a ramp up to the air ducts. We all know what those are for right?
07:47:35 AM Aug 13th 2010
Just a quick note to and (if you wanna know who you are, check the Page History — you'll find your own edits), who edited the ever-living crap out of some examples: drive-by editing is bad, 'mkay?

If you're going to remove an entire paragraph of text from an example, at least be courteous and drop a note here on the discussion page, informing what was removed and why.
02:54:18 PM Aug 4th 2010
Just wanted to check in here before putting it up: do any other tropers think Isaac Abrams is Ambiguously Jewish, or is my stereotype-o-meter broken?
01:26:08 PM Aug 11th 2010
He's Jewish alright: First name Isaac, last name Abrams, owns a jewelry store. Nothing ambiguous about it at all whatsoever. :)
02:13:51 AM Jun 30th 2010
So, At the risk of looking like a single issue wonk, or a phillistine who can't appreciate art...

What's everyone's deal with the Hotel Hell level? It's wonderfully atmospheric and terrifying when you go through it the first time, but after beating the game (Toreador, sided with the Kui-Jin and accepted the ending as the natural ending for my character) all other trips through it became speed-runs (It's actually possible to skip the entire lower floor by jumping at the right time during the stairway collapse).
02:50:52 AM Jun 30th 2010
edited by DamselofDistress
What exactly are you are referring to? That the level is popular, or that it's considered scary?

I find the level to be a wonderfully executed example of Nothing Is Scarier peppered with good Cat Scares. It's the first scary element you encounter playing the game and that usually leaves a longer lasting effect on the player.
01:21:12 PM Mar 27th 2010
Who says Bishop Vick is a bitch to defeat? I waltzed right through his hordes of zombies using the Glock and busted Vick's ass with a shotgun in a self-imposed challenge (my pen&paper vampires are always shooty, some more, some less). Then I did the same to Jezebel.
07:47:54 PM Apr 28th 2010
Bishop Vick is one of the first vampire bosses that MUST be defeated. Defeating Jezebel and Kanker might waste a lot of ammo on the other two bosses. up to this point, there's been no vampires that you MUST defeat and can't simply be snuck past. So some players might have built for vampire socialites or for melee combat and have trouble cornering him.
07:58:07 PM May 23rd 2010
Yeah, it pretty much depends on how you build your character. One who's really combat-oriented can hand Vick his ass with little effort, but a stealthy, lockpicking hacker will have to save scum like crazy to get through.
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