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12:33:43 AM Jan 6th 2014
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Ok, here's some of that promised information. Just about the random stuff...

-Audrey's tank Geirlul is made to resemble a pipe organ

-The airship that attacks the school is called Perkunas, and is the world's first dirigible. Other nations don't use them because they're too expensive.

-The turret on the back of the Dandarius doesn't do anything, and is possibly just a symbolic "Valkyrian lance"

-The guide gives several illustrations to how to properly hold both rifles and machine guns as well as how both work

-the Lanseal uniform is dissected, showing the buttons, the aiguillette (rope that goes from the shoulder to the button line), and the school bags in two forms.

-The spike on the Rebel army's helmets is meant to look like a Valkyrian lance

-Fencer uniforms are considered "outdated" now that tank combat is common

-Aliasse writes her name with a smiley face in the A and the sses overlapping.

-Darcsen dolls are said to protect against misfortune, and are made with anything that's on hand.

-No one knows why the Anthem Corps uses an instrument called "Fireworks".

-A typical mess hall menu is rye bread, erwtensoep (peas, potatoes, bacon, sausage), Lanseal style omelette with Southern Gallia style sauce (potatoes, ground meat), coffee/tea, and salad. The produce comes from the farm run by Largo from the first game.

-The text of Foerster's research report is the description of the first game.

-Ragnite has to be kept in a special container because it's highly volatile when refined

-There's a set seating chart, and the viewpoint of the classroom seems to be not from Avan's POV but Zeri's, with Avan seated directly in front of him.

-Lanseal was once a castle city. Not much of the area outside is visible since it's at a higher elevation than the surrounding countryside

-The locker room is used by both male and female students, but at different times

-The music room was originally planned to serve as a Sound Mode to listen to the soundtrack

-The mess hall is located in the male dorm. Two classes are let in at a time

-Zeri's room was originally going to have piles of newspapers to show that he spent a lot of time gathering information.

-Cosette's room is decorated in random colors due to her colorblindness

-Gallia may be developing flight technology, something evidenced by the Engineer logo on the roof of the hospital, visible from the air.

-Yuell is considered a center of learning

-Darcen ruins tend to be flat with a lot of straight lines, and indicate that they possessed advanced architectural technology as early as two thousand years ago.

Yeah I know this is all pretty random crap. I don't know if anything can be sorted into anything trope wise aside from the general idea of wow they thought of everything. I'll have the character stuff up soon.

01:14:01 AM Jan 6th 2014
Well, two could go under What Could Have Been on the Trivia page: Music Room as a Sound Mode and Zeri's Room with piles of newspaper. The produce coming from Largo's farm could probably go under Continuity Nod.

The rest does look pretty random, though.
12:34:18 AM Dec 23rd 2013
I have a LOT of information about the game and characters from the art book, and I'd love to share it but I don't know what all tropes these things would fall under. Does anyone want to help me sort them?
03:53:30 AM Dec 23rd 2013
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I'll try.

EDIT: You know, I can't really help at all if you don't post anything, at least not where I can see it. You can send me P Ms if you don't want to put it here in Discussion.
10:35:47 PM Jan 5th 2014
I'm not sure how long you waited but it really hasn't been that long. I have the book now—I wasn't where it could be accessed—so I'll go about typing it up. Some will be here and some will be in the character page.
09:56:01 PM Jan 9th 2013
Anyone else notice any ho yay between Avan and Zeri? A bit more on Avan's side than Zeri's. Avan pays more attention and is more concerned about Zeri than anyone else in the squad. He also has his arm around Zeri in every single picture of the squad together.
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