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04:06:41 AM Apr 22nd 2017
edited by Winter
I'm playing through the game again and just got to the chapter where Welkin and Alicia bury Fritz in the woods. I'm pretty sure the Imperial officer they meet isn't Gregor, but that looks like a pretty common idea so I'd like to talk about it before making any changes.

  1. Gregor was posted to Fouzen a chapter or two ago, and the woods here are in south-central Gallia between the Barious desert and Randgriz.
  2. The officer's voice sounds different to me, and the face isn't quite the same as Gregor's, though it's hard to tell since they both have very short hair and lean faces. The Valkyria Wiki has a shot of him here. Also, Gregor wears glasses.
  3. Frankly, he's much less of an asshole than Gregor is in every other appearances.

09:42:53 PM Apr 26th 2017
Just for posterity's sake, I agree! I fixed the character page yesterday but missed the main page, thanks for fixing it here. Somehow 3+ tropers including me made this mistake (it was removed before on the character sheet before readding it).
07:55:31 AM Feb 11th 2011
edited by ccoa
Removed the following:

  • Expy: The Federation is essentially a combination of the Western Allies and NATO while the Empire is a combination of the Axis/Central Powers of WWI and WWII, and the Soviet Union/Warsaw Pact. This would effectively make Gallia Finland, and we all know how incredibly awesome they were during World War II...
    • Considering the position of the map, the scenery of the country, the way the military staff is shown, the history of antagonism with the very germanic "Eastern Empire" and, even more obviously, the name, it's pretty obvious that Gallia is a slightly modified Expy of France or Belgium.
      • Then again, the Gunther family nanny's surname is Lipponen, a very common Finnish, and only Finnish, surname.
    • Finland was allied to Axis in WW II, so it doesn't fit. More importantly, the Federation doesn't seem to be particularly better than the Empire, and the Gallian military, save for Squad 7, is inept.
    • Nobody thinks Jaeger might be from "Finland"? Few things, at time of Finland independence, there was something called "jääkäriliike", "jaeger-movement" finnish men volunteering to be sent to Germany for combat trainin, to aid against Russia, should the need arise, he's from a small kingdom conquered by the Empire, (I quess they invaded during summer...), the way he describes his homeland in the anime is spot on, and the country's name is... Fhirald. Close enough. (He also looks a bit like Dr. House, and drives a tank named Lupus. But that's besides the point.)
      • For Helsinki, Germany was an alliance of pretty much the last resort, after Western Allied access through Norway was cut and the Soviets reinvaded (thus forcing the Western Allies to support the Soviets indirectly). It is telling that the very first powers to react to the invasion and condemn it were... Britain, France, the US, and (strangely) Hungary. In addition, the Federation is guilty of kidnapping a strategically important leader (the Princess) and playing games with Von Borg, something that is rather understandable considering Gallia's almost-fanatical stance on "independence", which means at times when the Empire isn't invading them they are effectively selling the Empire the bullets they will shoot them and the Federation with by exporting ragnite. Compared to the Empire's chronic war crimes sprees, this is pathetically minor. If anything, it makes them a more faithful expy of the Western Allies/NATO because the above inspirations were IRL THE crowning examples of Good Is Not Nice.
    • Europa War I is referred to as being kicked off by the assassination of a royal prince, which is awfully similar to Archduke Ferdinand's situation.
    • One of your shocktroopers is an older man with a mustache and a blue bandanna, and you receive special military commands from a well-dressed Aged Gentleman in a cemetary. The resemblance is there.
    • There's also the matter of Shocktrooper Vyse Inglebard and Scout Aika Thompson. Although this is more of a Alternate Universe cameo than an expy. Interestingly, Vyse is also in the anime, and Fina is the medic in the manga.
    • Selvaria: If the Nazis had built KOS-MOS...
      • Subject of her own WMG mind... her and Reinforce I... ha!
    • Gilbert Gassenarl, the leader of the GRA in Valkyria Chronicles 2 is Hitler...with Cool Sunglasses!
    • The Gassenarl family is actually the Zabi Family, except one of them is a mech!

Because 1) Expy applies only to characters, 2) cameos are not expies, 3) you cannot have an Expy of a real character, and 4) the rest seem to be speculation.

There might be a trope for the mirroring history bits, though, so I brought them here.

Also removed:

  • Most Common Superpower: Surprisingly avoided for the huge majority of the female cast; with a very small number of exceptions, the women of Squad 7 don't really go above a B cup seemingly, and the non-flattering uniforms only help avoid this even further. Selvaria, however, does possess prominent Boobs of Steel, for fairly obvious design reasons.

Since Most Common Superpower can only apply to superheroes.


  • Nice Hat:
    • Welkin's little cap thing is really stupid looking. Faldio is apparently supposed to wear it also, but he later complains that he thinks the hats look stupid. What's truly amazing is that it always stays firmly planted on his head despite not appearing to be made to do this.
    • Everyone thinks Wendy keeps a bomb under hers...
    • Princess Cordelia has a ridiculous looking hat on for most of the game. Later, it is revealed that the hat was for her to conceal that she was a Darcsen. Though that doesn't change the ridiculousness of the hat.
      • Keep in mind, given that revelation, that means every member of the Gallian royalty has always worn the Nice Hat; and never taken it off in public. Ever.
    • Alicia, sweetheart, no. I know, I know. That red handerchief represents your past as a baker that you want to go back to; and it's color scheme goes along really well with your later glowing red eyes But a splot of red on your head in a battlefield where your side wears all blue? You're asking; nay; begging for a headshot.

Nice Hat is for hats that look good or cool. Not stupid.


This isn't a trope that applies to this work. Stick it on the individual fanfiction pages.

10:46:49 AM Feb 11th 2011
edited by SpaceDrake
You know, I was actually going to make an incredibly angry rant about needing to actually read the Most Common Superpower trope (it used to apply to big boobs in general, with the trope name coming from that famous Calvin & Hobbes), but, huh. Apparently the Buxom Is Better was established recently to act as a supertrope. When, uh, did that happen? :V

Anyway I'm re-adding the text from the old MCS entry under BIB, since the notes still apply. I do want to point out that Selvaria and Alicia for that matter could qualify as "superpowered", though. I mean, not many people can wave around a metal spear and blow up tanks as a result.
10:56:09 AM Feb 11th 2011
edited by ccoa
It's always been superheroes only, at least in the five years I've been here. It just decayed, a lot, and has been fixed up multiple times over the years (In fact, there is a TRS thread right now where it's been mentioned that the misuse is out of control again). And Buxom Is Better isn't just "large breasts", it's "character is treated as more attractive because she has larger breasts", so that's technically incorrect, too.

She might be superpowered, but that doesn't really make one a superhero. If it did, almost any fantasy character with superhuman abilities would qualify for that label.

We don't have a trope for just "large breasts". I argue that that isn't really a trope, but it has been brought up as a solution to the rampant misuse of Most Common Superpower, Buxom Is Better, Gag Boobs, and Boobs of Steel. Apparently, people around here just really like to talk about breasts.

EDIT: According to Something Awful, we have 49 tropes about breasts. That's... a little ridiculous.
04:17:42 PM Jun 16th 2013
Well most people here are men... go figure, though I would call Selvaria having boobs of steel (Alicia might apply in the anime, though most of things showing it off are post VC promotion materials and her canon VC 2 appearance)
10:13:08 AM Feb 9th 2011
As actual discussion: would anyone object to me moving the Isara dies and you don't get the Splintered Horn if you don't have it already Fridge Logic example back to the front page? I kinda want that one out of YMMV since it's literally a logical error in the game, rather than something people might find debatable. Like, in terms of gameplay it's obvious what's happening - the game tracks people lost in actual gameplay as opposed to those who die in cutscenes - but in terms of the game world, it's a logical error and the exact sort of thing FL was meant for before it got a bit over-saturated.
11:38:05 AM Feb 9th 2011
Wouldn't that be Gameplay and Story Segregation rather than Fridge Logic?
12:33:58 PM Feb 9th 2011
Not really, though, because it's a logical error that doesn't really become apparent until you've been playing through the game for a bit. GASS would more address the whole "Where the hell are the medics when in gameplay they can save everyone no matter what" issue.
02:08:28 PM Feb 9th 2011
edited by ccoa
I don't see why it wouldn't be. Gameplay and Story Segregation is when the way things work in gameplay doesn't carry over to the storyline. You normally get the medal when someone dies, but you don't in this case because it happens during the storyline rather than gameplay. You could pothole Fridge Logic if you felt you needed to say this might not occur to the player right away, but you can't list it as a bullet in the example list.

Tropes marked YMMV can only go on main or character pages if they are used in-universe or are deliberately invoked. No matter how obvious you think it might be, it's a natter magnet and word of admin says they have to go.
11:51:40 PM May 13th 2010
Trying to open a WMG page still causes problems, so I will just put this one here until someone with better wikiskills decides to do it. =-=

WMG: The Valkyrur disappeared BECAUSE all the males suddenly went somewhere

According to this theory, originally there were, in fact, male valkyrur, but at some point in the history of the race something happened-some sort of plague, perhaps, that killed all or most of the men or made it extremely unlikely for new males to be born(like the krogan genophage, only it didn't affect female babies). With their ability to reproduce efficiently massively crippled, their empire crumbled beneath them. Sure, they are similar enough physiologically to humans to make half breeds, but these are not nearly as powerful, and only the females can Awaken to their powers anyway. This is how an empire ends. Not with a bang, but with a disappointed sigh.
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