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04:04:59 AM Feb 3rd 2014
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2014-02-03 edit by JRN

  • Removed Acceptable Breaks from Reality — not an example of this. The example itself moved under Rule of Cool.
  • Removed Armor Is Useless — the vest and helmet work exactly as one would expect (some protection against bullets, none against nades, fire or drowning). The rest of what could be mentioned under that entry is found right in the next entry.
  • Removed The Blade Always Lands Pointy End In — just like being unable to stumble or accidentally drop the magazine while reloading, thrown knives working 100% perfectly is the only sane way to implement this in a video game anyway. In a movie it would be a different story, but in a video game only an aversion would be noteworthy.
  • Removed Blatant Item Placement — deathrun is not an example of this.
  • Replaced Chunky Salsa Rule with Your Head Asplode — there’s no gibbing in this game and headshot kills are still dependent on health and the presence of helmet. Certain weapons actually blowing your head clean off is noteworthy though.
  • Replaced Game Mod — building a map is quite different from modding the game.
  • Modified Hollywood Silencer — removing the muzzle flash is a given; the current silencer does not improve accuracy (not that a real life one would…).
  • Removed Lava is Boiling Kool-Aid and Hollywood Acid — stuff like this doesn’t define UrT in any meaningful way, unlike Quake 3 where these actually were common map features.
  • Removed Love It or Hate It and Scrappy Weapon — not relevant and belong under YMMV anyway.
  • Removed More Dakka: Negev is just a glorified submachinegun, not exactly something you’d bring out to FILL THE MAP WITH MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF LEAD BRAAAWGH.
  • Modified No Scope — G36 does not qualify for this entry, being perfectly usable without zooming in.
  • Removed the Natter from Run, Don't Walk. Nitpicky arguments like this can turn pretty much anything on its head (especially if you interpret “rarely needed” as “NO SUCH THING HERE GO PLAY CAMPER-STRIKE NOOB”). In UrT most situations fall into one of the two categories: you’re either going really bloody fast trying to surprise the enemy, or sitting still and waiting to surprise the enemy who’s going really bloody fast. Sneaking around isn’t even possible on many maps…
  • Replaced Team Killer. Common? How common? To the extent of making the game unplayable? Obviously not. Teakilling is on the level of what you’d expect from a semi-obscure indie shooter that’s nowhere near being a griefer magnet. If teamkilling warrants its own entry, so does wallhacking… and aimbotting… and retarded admins… and stupid noobs… and campers… and blockers… and well, that should be enough:-P
  • Removed Tele-Frag — teleports are extremely uncommon in UrT and the actual number of people died through this must be lower than the number of boot kills in high-level competitive TS in 4.x series. It’s simply irrelevant.
  • Removed Utility Weapon — that’s a big “if” there. On the default maps there’s about one single place where a breakable brush opens a new route, and custom maps aren’t much different.

  • Weapon names: in real life, it’s PSG1 and SR-8, in the game, PSG-1 and SR8. Yes, silly, I know. H&K HK69 is spelled without a hyphen in both incarnations.
  • “Rumor has it that there may be a rocket launcher coming after the means of banning malicious players is improved. Most of the concern about it has to do with teamkillers blasting the ground in a spawnroom to TK a whole team worth of players.” — Seriously, what. Just… what.
  • “Rumor has it that some Kevlar pants may be coming in a future version.” — Very funny. Stop it.
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