Video Game Three D Ultra Pinball Thrill Ride Discussion

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10:06:55 PM Apr 13th 2016
Excuse Plot had a zero-context example. Is there a way we can add it to the page again?
07:57:06 AM Apr 14th 2016
edited by Larkmarn
Yes. Add context.

I'd help but I've never played it.
08:05:20 PM Apr 15th 2016
The question was what context can we add? All I've got is to ride all the rides, but all I have is the disk, no documentation.
01:50:55 AM Apr 17th 2016
Well, why do you think that Excuse Plot applies? That is what a trope entry wants to say.
05:08:37 PM Apr 17th 2016
Allow me to clarify again... nothing in the game tells you the Excuse Plot, it's just something implied.
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