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06:03:08 PM Jul 28th 2017
I'm not sure that the White Flame Dancing on the Graves of His Enemies is really Geralt's friend as such. Emhyr var Emreis isn't really friends with anyone - no-one in his position can afford such luxuries as friendship.

Geralt is merely one of his Private Military Contractors.

01:54:02 AM Jul 29th 2017
Geralt lifted a curse from him when he was young. A curse that turned him into a werehedgehog of sorts.

So yeah, he is VERY grateful for that. Not only this allowed him to finally marry Pavetta (whom she loved in a genuine way, rather than politicking), but also created a chance for him to return to Nilfgaard from exile and retake what was his via a coup backed by his loyalists.

It's the kind of favour you don't discard, even if you are emperor of half of the known world. Because he's said emperor and not an exiled cursed knight trapped in semi-important backwater thanks to Geralt.
06:40:37 PM Jan 31st 2017
Game Breaking Bug for Blood & Wine: Corvo Bianco can never be completed if you leave Toussaint while an improvement is under construction. This was fixed in Patch 1.22 in the middle of last year, was it not?
07:22:13 PM Jan 31st 2017
I believe so.
12:57:51 PM Dec 30th 2016
The following was removed.

  • Double Standard: For the most part, All Men Are Perveruts and All Women Are Prudes is in full effect. Several unnamed male NP Cs can be casually heard trying to score with a large number of women (in particular courtesans and prostitutes), and male criminals/bandits are commonly serial rapists (female criminals and bandits are extremely rare exceptions). Several sidequests involve a Woman Scorned who is angry that another woman wedded a man she loved in her stead. On several occasions, the death of her beloved led a woman to either commit suicide to be with him or vow to be celibate for the rest of her life out of loyalty. Dandelion gets an entire sidequest about women who are utterly smitten with him, but who know next to nothing about each other (and even if they DO know, are still loyal and willing to take him back).

The entry in question isn't about men being "perverted and lustful". The point is that, even by admission of several characters, male bandits, soldiers and criminals are overt rapists. Female bandits are already extremely rare but do not behave the same way.

The editor also missed the point about jealousy: most quests treat a man's infidelity as a moment of weakness, with women only getting angry when the man prefers the other woman.
09:38:01 PM Jan 13th 2017
In the most technical of senses, Double Standard is just a list of tropes exhibiting double standards; it doesn't have examples itself of it occurring in works. You'd need to pick a particular trope on that page and go from there.
06:42:10 PM Feb 5th 2016
Why was the Good Bad Bugs entry removed? Do the priestesses and guards eventually stop giving you shit over the events of "Nameless", because I'm not that far yet.
12:57:10 PM Dec 30th 2016
edited by NubianSatyress
Wrong place.
04:54:04 AM May 27th 2015
Adult Fear: Throwing the baby Aki in the oven is this in spades.
01:46:26 PM May 24th 2015
The Ciri Lives Endings are very bittersweet. Either Ciri takes on the task of trying to improves things at the cost of her own personal happiness, or she finds joy on the road, but leaves the problems of the world to fester.
02:36:21 AM May 21st 2015
edited by CharlesPhipps
In the "Burn the Witch" entry, they bring up King Radovid supporting anti-witch pogroms. Does this occur in games where Triss is rescued from Witcher 2?

Edit: Yes, yes it does.
01:56:45 PM Jan 25th 2015
Will Geralt of Rivia join the Trope Pantheons.
02:41:56 PM May 2nd 2014
I fear the Hype Backlash
09:01:27 AM May 3rd 2014
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