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10:25:32 AM Apr 28th 2014
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The Dev Team thinks of everything- they thought of so much it's impressive.

There's only one Aurora, so the car you drive to blow up is called the Red Phoenix and doesn't have the machine-gun you can unlock. If the Aurora is your selected getaway car and it's nearby, when you call for a getaway car the Resistance member will drive up in a Renoir LX Clunker.

Getting through the inner Paris checkpoints isn't easy, since once you kill the guards, they can't open the gate for you. Never mind, you can dynamite the gates open... except the zone of suspicion around a dynamited gate never disappears. Brilliant on the dev team's part.

Speaking of checkpoints, there are ways to get to every section of the city without having to pass through checkpoints, so it's probably possible to collect all the vehicles before the start of Act II. Apart from when you discover Margot's hideout, you have to discover them by yourself, so it's really a reward for the player exploring.

When a Nazi soldier is harassing a civilian, you can go into sneak mode briefly to stop the harassment. That makes sense, because you're drawing their attention away from the innocent civilian, who'll make their escape. On the other hand, that trick doesn't work with the group of three soldiers and an officer pointing their rifles at civilians up against a wall- they're on a mission of some sort, and their attention isn't quite as easily diverted. Also, that trick works only when you're not in Nazi uniform...
07:01:06 PM Jun 17th 2013
I think that Artistic License - History entry completely misses the point. We can speak of Artistic License when authors take some liberties whi.e portraying facts. 'The Saboteur' is a game set in alternate history - please note, that neither Hitler nor any Nazi officials are ever named, the Commendant of Paris is a fictitious person, ditto for Paris Resistance leader who is supposed to be famous writer, the Germans are driven out of France after two years of occupation, Germans use vehicles that never existed etc. This is a deliberately introduced Alternate History.
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