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11:09:29 AM Dec 6th 2011
08:26:40 AM Jun 3rd 2013
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I've done a sweeping change on the article's use of "Dethl" (with an L) to DethI (with an i). There's been a lot of discussion regarding this on both Zelda wikis. Basically, the Zelda Wiki came to the agreement that "DethL" made no sense in comparison to "DethI" which gives it a Meaningful Name. That Zelda.com has it as DethL is of little consequence; they're notoriously bad about getting facts wrong or even making things up, and their choice of font requires you to copy the text into a word editor to figure out what the exact spelling is. The Brady Games player's guide does the same thing, presumably for the same reason. The whole thing is rendered a non-issue in the Japanese version, where it's just called "Shadow", so this isn't a matter of translation errors.
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