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09:24:14 AM Nov 26th 2014
Suggestion: Shouldn't the "Never Trust A Trailer" trope appear? From what I know, some scenes in there are taken... just out-of-context. Example? When the trailer shows Susan shooting Bryan, but it turns out it's just a joke option while telling the cat widow legend, and it never happens.
07:40:57 AM May 19th 2013
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Question: This article mentions the Golden Ending—just how exactly do I unlock it??
09:28:42 AM Nov 26th 2014
It's complicated: Chapter 1: Refuse the Queen of Maggots. Chapter 2: Answer the crow's question right. "Which door would the other doll lead me to" and go through the door that is not highlighted. Chapter 3: Don't let Susan have the breakdown, it's too advanced for me, but you can look it up. Chapter 7: Do what any other person would do: give Mitzi da mask, refuse the Queen of Maggots AGAIN, and lead Mitzi out of shooting the Eye of Adam. That's how I remember it.
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