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12:30:44 AM Apr 11th 2012
Seems like the Bowdlerise trope could use a little cleaning up, mainly the first bullet. I'm hesitant to just delete it though; would that tidbit fit better under a different trope?

(To make sure this thread still makes sense if someone changes the trope page, here's the text under the first bullet: "Incidentally, the censored armors are also very cosmetically glitchy. None of them react properly to dyes (the new elements aren't included in the diffuse layer), some have clipping issues, and most of them have some manner of issue with the tail holes in the Elin armor depending, they forgot to add one to the new design, they forgot to leave a gap in the midriff cover so the tail isn't magically sprouting out of cloth, or the shorts ride too high in comparison to the tail hole in the outer armor, so the tail is improbably close to or even sprouting partially or entirely out of the shorts.")
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