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02:53:43 PM Nov 3rd 2012
This apparently has a lot of ghost wicks, as the related to page gives zero wicks, whereas the Cut List says 25.
07:55:32 AM Feb 22nd 2012
Reasons for my changes:

Unnecessary use of spoiler tags under Adult Child.

Sync and Dist are rather messed up, but they never quite get to Axe-Crazy levels.

Beta Test Baddie: I think that this was a reference to the God General Replicas fought in the bonus dungeon. However, these have no backstory besides from being enemies to fight, so I removed them.

Boobs of Steel: Tear is primarily a magical fighter. Boobs of Steel applies to physical fighters.

The Call Has Bad Reception: Inconsistent use of spoiler tags.

Currently on Calling Out Your Attacks
09:40:07 PM Aug 12th 2011
So it looks like the loading times for the 3DS version is so much improved that the Loads and Loads of Loading trope really now applies only to the PS2 version. Shall we edit that bit in?
05:22:01 PM Mar 29th 2010
The Follow Walkthrough Mode content removed by me which I mentioned in my edit on the main page.

  • Luke's Lost Fon Drive - Luke has to have the Key of Lorelei equipped and his HP has to be critical (15% or less). While he's in Overlimit, press square, circle, and X simultaneously. Now, if you got an experience boost and have the gradual healing AD skills, getting his HP low enough is tough, not to mention there are better swords than the Key of Lorelei that are fairly easy to get.
  • Tear's Fortune's Ark - You have to have used all the fonic hymns 50 times each. 2 of the hymns can only be learned through cutscenes, and both can be missed. Activating it, however, is fairly simple, just cast Judgment while in Overlimit.
  • Jade's Indignation - Jade has to have used Thunder Blade at least 200 times. To cast it, when you trigger Overlimit for Jade, just keep holding down the R2 button (without moving around) until it activates. Annoying to figure out, but pretty easy to do.
  • Anise's Fever Time - Lucky has to have at least 100 uses. To activate it, Anise just has to use Lucky in Overlimit while she has full HP. However, if it doesn't end the battle, you lose 20,000 gald.
  • Guy's Brilliant Overlord - Final Cross needs to have at least 150 uses, and Guy has to have the Jewel of Gardios sword equipped (which you can only get through a series of well-timed cutscenes). To activate it, Guy's HP has to be less than a quarter of his full HP. After that, just use Final Cross in Overlimit. (And Guy can get better swords than the Jewel of Gardios.)
  • Natalia's Noble Roar - Use Piercing Line 150 times. To activate it, just use Piercing Line while in Overlimit when the Elven Bow is equipped. The Elven Bow is a special request item from Din's Shop and can be hard to get, but once you've got it, Noble Roar is probably the most practical Mystic Arte in the game, given its high accuracy, high damage, ease of use, and ability to be used multiple times per battle (unlike Lost Fon Drive, Fortune's Ark, Indignation, and Fever Time).
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