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01:21:53 PM Jun 7th 2016
Isn't the Pianta village supported by the giant tree that goes through it and out to its corners? Many of the mushrooms (I can't remember if this is true for all of them) are growing on the branches.
02:33:29 AM Nov 24th 2012
Why isn't there a WMG or Fridge page here? I'm having a hard time adding these two things I came up with without feeling like it's going to be out of place on the main or YMMV page (especially since one really is just a guess)...and yes, I'm new.
04:47:46 PM Nov 24th 2012
Just change the Video Game in the page URL to Fridge or WMG and it'll take you to where the page in question would be. Then just edit the page and save, and the page will be created.
08:55:02 PM Apr 28th 2012
Has anyone noticed that the clouds above Isle Delfino look like Yoshis? I surely can't be the only one.
11:28:39 AM May 2nd 2010
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"The original concept for the game?" Who came up with this nonsense ? Luigi's Mansion comes from this old Space World technical demo, and Sunshine was originally about giving Mario a weapon. Check Wikipedia or Iwata Asks. Seriously, citation needed here.
06:08:30 PM Jun 30th 2010
Deleted until a source is provided.
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