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02:42:19 PM Sep 25th 2011
I'm not entirely sure that Squizzard's choppy animation is intentional Stylistic Suck. Can someone confirm this?
01:03:03 PM Mar 18th 2011
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Does this have a Crowning Moment of Funny entry on the little cutscene that plays when you beat Giga Lakitu?
12:36:15 PM Mar 16th 2011
So it was originally going to be an Expansion Pack Sequel, "using the leftover unexplored things you could do with Mario Galaxy's mechanics" but they ended up working tons of new content into it... so if you were looking forward to more of the same, would that be "they didn't not change it so it sucks"?
06:20:23 AM Mar 3rd 2011
Removed this from the page:

  • The game was released to universal acclaim. It is a member of a very, very small elite club of games released in the past twelve years to have usurped The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, if only temporarily, from the "highest-rated game of all time" position according to Gamerankings.com's aggregated scores.

I don't know, this seems to be rather unnecessary and gushy. The summary works just fine without it.
06:31:47 AM Mar 3rd 2011
It's quite possible that in the whole course of history, no human being has ever cared why Bowser has kidnapped Princess Peach again, or how many stars you can collect this time. It's possible that is impossible for a human being to care.

This is TvTropes: we tell it from the geek's point of view; we give reasons why you should care about media. We're certainly not here to recap the same data the can can be gotten from Wikipedia/official site/back of the box. So far as I can tell, the first two paragraphs could reduced down to two sentences ('You can play as Yoshi and Luigi now.' and 'Miyamato said it was much harder.')
11:53:39 AM Aug 9th 2010
What's up with the viral marketing mention? That link goes to some random wii commercial that has nothing to do with Mario.
12:33:35 PM Aug 9th 2010
I fixed the link to point directly to the spots in question.
07:44:49 AM Aug 5th 2010
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Would Viewers Are Morons be a trope for this page since there are tutorials nearly everywhere in the early worlds that tell you how to basic techniques? (Some of the Hint TVs are a major offender). There's even an instructional DVD on how to play this game that was released in places besides North America.
09:21:42 AM Aug 5th 2010
I did find it rather ridiculous that they said the game was geared toward people who beat the first game, then they go and pack it with all these tutorials and NPC dialogue which seemed to assume you've never played a Mario game in your life.
09:31:09 AM Aug 5th 2010
In all fairness, this game likely is someone's first Mario game. I find it rather nice that they kept that in mind for this game.
07:48:55 AM Jun 17th 2010
I don't wanna add this too rashly, but I think "Damn Muscle Memory" applies to the swimming. It's totally different from the last game, right?
11:35:40 AM Jun 17th 2010
I didn't notice any difference. The only unique aspect to the swimming in this one is that there are 2D swimming sections, and in those cases, it works just like it did in the 2D games. As far as I can tell, the 3D swimming is exactly the same as in the first game.
12:44:03 PM Jun 18th 2010
I'd say Damn You, Muscle Memory would apply to the flip-swap platforms since doing a star spin is what most people use to save themselves, and a wrongly timed one would cause people going to their deaths.
11:08:15 AM Jun 19th 2010
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"Damn You, Muscle Memory: The Star Spin. The control itself is unchanged, but several new levels and features seem designed specifically to punish those who are too reliant on itó notably, the platforms in the Flip-Swap Galaxy (and later, the Flip-Out Galaxy) and the limited-use Cloud Flower."

Does this work?
11:19:30 AM Jun 20th 2010
10:02:27 AM Jun 11th 2010
Does anyone know how to get rid of the Fetish Fuel icon? There's not really a need for it anymore since the Super Mario Galaxy 2 fetishes are gone from that page.
04:39:42 PM May 29th 2010
Um... Do we really need separate page for the sequel?
10:30:36 PM May 29th 2010
edited by Carls493
Yes. We'll be able to manage things easier. Although there are obviously certain tropes that both games share, the point of separating the games is to seek out the tropes that are exclusive to one of the games.

Also, because it's kinda fun.
01:59:55 PM May 31st 2010
04:17:07 PM May 24th 2010
Just a heads-up: there's no rule that says the laconic wiki can't have an amusing description.
06:54:50 PM May 23rd 2010
Deleted Capcom Sequel Stagnation. This is not an example, let a lone an egregious one.

Just because a game shares the same engine with its predecessor does not mean it's the same game.
04:01:49 PM Aug 4th 2010
Uh, Super Mario Galaxy 2 is the same as the first game.
07:29:38 PM Aug 4th 2010
It's a sequel to the first game, but that's not how Capcom Sequel Stagnation works, does it?
07:35:50 PM Aug 4th 2010
You can make a case for it being a Mission Pack Sequel (which is already addressed), but it's not the same game by any means. There are all kinds of new challenges, and the game was deliberately made harder so as to challenge players who completed the first game. That sure doesn't sound like sequel stagnation to me.
07:43:42 PM Aug 4th 2010
Yeah. If it really were a Capcom Sequel Stagnation, it would pretty much be the very same game with minor changes and updates. Think Street Fighter II.