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05:39:37 PM Jul 26th 2013
Why is this listed as a puzzle game? It's a "twitch action" game.
06:08:15 PM Jul 26th 2013
Good call — looking at Video Game Genres, I think Arcade Game is the best fit. I'd be willing to pull it from the Puzzle Game page and move it over if there's general agreement on that point.
02:09:02 AM Jul 27th 2013
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The Arcade Game index is for games that have been released in arcades only.
06:43:25 PM Jul 27th 2013
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What does "twitch action" mean, exactly? Given a definition, we could just create an index page for those games — searching for "twitch" on the site turns up some other games that might fit: Sinistar's page lists that game, Tempest, Defender, and Robotron2084 as "twitch games", and from what I've seen of Tempest and Defender I don't find that wholly implausible.
09:51:59 AM Oct 7th 2012
Regarding A Winner Is You: that description doesn't sound like it really fits. It might not be an epic montage of epic epicness, but it's not just a bare "You Won" sticker on a static background.
03:21:58 AM Oct 11th 2012
I was kind of debating it myself, honestly, and I added it.