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12:23:47 PM Sep 27th 2015
Slight edit to The captain Erzats entry, Changed "Larry Niven's estate" to "Larry Niven"

Reason: Larry Niven is alive.
05:25:06 PM Feb 20th 2015
edited by StarSword
Killed a bunch of cruddy edits just now, but a couple pieces stuck out that I wanted to answer in detail:
  • This is however entirely justified in that Starfleet is very specifically made out to NOT be like a standard military operation. They are more like a well organized Exploration Service than an actual Military. Sure people can still get court-martial'd, but we had a damn kindergarten on the Enterprise. In other words duty on starships is much more like an overseas posting where one would not wear the standard uniform for the entire time there. Also: even bridge officers in the various series often wore nonstandard uniforms, simply because they liked them more, and different ships were shown to feature radically different uniforms from the same period. It is not a big step to abandon uniforms entirely.
Nope, sorry. Starfleet is a military service, no matter how much Picard thought of himself as an explorer. Kirk openly called himself a "soldier, not a diplomat", and Starfleet is the officially recognized organization charged with the use of armed force in the defense of Federation interests and citizens against foreign aggression. Also, beginning with Season 9, the uniform code has been tightened and all the NPCs now wear Odyssey uniforms (though Cryptic said in a PDF detailing the color patterns that individual COs were still permitted to pick their own uniforms, as a handwave for Character Customization).

  • Starfleet Academy is the equivalent of modern-day military officer school, so those ensigns are basically lieutenants as far as training goes. It's actually less realistic that cadets aren't promoted upon graduating or through wartime field promotion, since many are thrown right into the fray.
That is not remotely how it works in real life or Star Trek. Ensign is the entry-level naval officer rank, which a cadet becomes after graduating. And in real life promotions (at least in the US military, which Starfleet is largely based on) happen primarily based on time-in-grade, i.e. how long you've held your current rank, and you also have to pass a test. Also, you can't learn to lead troops in a classroom. That takes field experience which an Ensign Newbie doesn't have.
09:11:29 PM Sep 2nd 2014
edited by
Well, since my only choice is apparently to bring up the issue here where nobody is likely to see it or care, I'd just like to point out the blatant falsehood nobody seems to have noticed under the "Break Out the Museum Piece" entry on the main page...

One of the points made under the listing for this trope seems to imply that the Ambassador class starships were a Stafleet Unfavourite of sorts, and wound up being produced only in small numbers due to the destruction of the Enterprise-C. This completely ignores the fact that the Ambassador class was Starfleet's primary frontline exploration vessel for at least 30 years in-between the Excelsior and Galaxy class (which is a similar amount of time to how long the Excelsior class would have been srving in that capacity) and had already been serving in this capacity for 20 years before the Enterprise-C was lost.

We saw both Ambassador and Excelsior class ships still in service in TNG and DS 9 and if there's anything beyond idle speculation that would indicate the loss of the Enteprise-C shook Starfleet's confidence in the design, I'm certainly not familiar with it. The only reason Starfleet took 20 years to replace the Enterprise-C after it was destroyed was because the Galaxy class was already in development when she was lost and the Galaxy's development and production wound up dragging out far longer than Starfleet expected. So can we please fix this entry? If I were a more cynical person, I'd say that it almost reads like propaganda written by someone who regretted buying a Support Cruiser Retrofit on the C-Store...
02:35:41 AM Sep 3rd 2014
Or maybe other people just didn't notice.

That said, Memory Alpha agrees with you, so I'd be inclined to remove these writeups.
08:16:30 AM Sep 3rd 2014
edited by
I didn't remove his edit because I disagreed with it, I removed it for violating the rules on Conversation in the Main Page. The rule is Repair, Don't Respond: if you see something factually incorrect, fix it and leave a corresponding edit reason, don't disagree with it.

I didn't personally know whether he was right or not; my expertise is more with the GCS.
08:39:43 PM Apr 23rd 2014
Can we please avoid using US Military terminology to refer to ranks and so forth? (1) Its ethnocentric (and I'm saying this as a US citizen), (2) its not analogous to the series (we never see Commanders called an O-5), (3) its not comparable to the alien ranks and (4) it goes over the heads of tropers who have no connection to the military and don't know those terms.
02:34:39 PM Aug 15th 2013
So with the addition to STO of the Scimitar Dreadnought Warbird ( )which is basically the best aspects of the Bortas Cruiser, Odyssey Cruiser and Andorian Escorts... with a hanger... and battle cloak... and a freaken Death Star laser... I have to ask is this pay-to-win or power creep? Or both?
08:50:01 PM Aug 15th 2013
It's not nearly as easy to use as it appears. A lot of people consider the superweapon useless, in fact, because of its tremendous wind-up time (and it's especially bad in PvP since the game's PvE teaches you "avoid the big green lightshow"). It's also *huge*, which makes it surprisingly difficult to actually turn properly. The huge size also makes it easier to target, apparently - it's much squishier than it appears at first glance.

There's a bit of power creep going on, perhaps, but it is definitely not a pay-to-win ship. If anything there's been a lot of discussion of the Scim being underwhelming for the asking price.
08:15:31 AM Sep 3rd 2014
A year on, the metagame shake-out is that the Scimitar is one of those weird cases that hits both ends of the Tier-Induced Scrappy scale. It is possible for top players to make the ship absurdly overpowered, but such players are few and far between. Scimitars are basically considered a free kill until proven otherwise because 90% of them are flown by idiots.
03:59:18 PM Jul 9th 2013
Am I the only one who feels that the last mission in the Undine story arc is a bit anti-climactic? As a federation player you've gone through 7 different story arcs and taken part in numerous conflicts. You were a major player in the Klingon war, went back in time and met THE Enterprise, you took part in the battle for DS 9, and went all the way to the Gamma quadrant to save the Federation, and you fought off the Breen, Borg, and the Romulans. And the final mission (of the ENTIRE GAME) is "A Light in the Dark"? I don't want to spoil anything, but it's incredibly easy. There's standard space and ground combat and there aren't any hard bosses to defeat. Considering the magnitude of some of your previous missions this one isn't difficult and I feel that it's really missing something. Am I the only one who feels this way?
08:40:05 PM Apr 23rd 2014
Revamped as of Season 9. Go check it out.
08:23:40 AM Sep 3rd 2014
They did make a lot of improvements but the script changes to the one mission involving the Romulan Star Empire captain were a net negative. The addition of the Republic POWs completely removed any moral ambiguity from the "choice" at the end.
01:04:09 AM May 4th 2013
Under trivia it is said that its not posible to play in former Soviet Union countris, that is wrong there are a ton of players in Russia and other former member states.
11:21:50 PM May 12th 2012
"Stealth Pun: the most recent (as of may 2012) addition to the Federation Fleet is the Atrox Carrier, a Vice Admiral level starship designed by the Caitians, a race of humanoid felines. its a Cat Carrier."

How is that a stealth pun? I seriously don't see how it is. Is it simply because of the alliteration? Please, enlighten me.
02:44:50 AM May 13th 2012
Cat-carriers are the boxes you use to take your cat to the vet. Whilst they complain the entire way.

Or is that just my cat?
01:22:46 AM Mar 7th 2011
So, does Obisek count as an Ensemble Darkhorse or not? Because he's easily become one of the most awesome characters in the game.
08:22:48 PM Nov 17th 2010
Just wondering, does Break Out the Museum Piece apply to the TOS Constitution and soon to be NX Class ships since at least at the very beginning of the game they can keep up with the 25th Century Klingon ships.
09:49:04 AM Nov 18th 2010
I think Starfleet just wants to confuse the hell out of their enemies. ;)
10:17:43 AM Nov 18th 2010
Well, I was just wondering if it applies, but I'm not sure if it does, despite the fact that those two ships are well, old and still more then capable at the Lt. levels.
03:56:46 AM Feb 6th 2011
I'd say,yes, it applies, at least for the TOS Connie, it's implied that those Connies running around like that are just old mothballed ones that never were refited (At least, that's how those who RP most often RP them).

Conversely, the NX class is just treated as a redo of the design.
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