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10:02:19 AM Jan 6th 2018
  • Franchise Killer: It is not really deniable that the negative reception that this game received severely, and irreversibly, harmed both the prestige and the reputation of the Sonic franchise. While Sonic games are still being developed, the franchise is now a shadow of what it once was.

I recently pulled this. First, it's already misuse. The series continued on pretty quickly. There were games in 2007 already, so it couldn't have clearly killed the franchise. It didn't "fall out of favor" for a while either. Another thing is it was posted in main instead of Trivia.
10:07:48 AM Oct 3rd 2014
Can we remove some bias from the page?
11:25:20 AM Oct 3rd 2014
I am inclined to remove the two paragraphs on the game reception, indeed.
11:31:51 AM Oct 3rd 2014
The last one needs to go, but the second to last one is fine. It's describing some of the issues it had, but not the reception to them. Maybe tone down some of the language in the last two sentences, like mentioning Idiot Plot.
11:56:28 AM Oct 3rd 2014
The second to last paragraph will need some thorough rewrite either way, seeing as it still references audience opinion.
05:34:26 PM Oct 3rd 2014
I'll try to give those two paragraphs a rewrite. They've been bugging me for a while, too.
03:17:09 PM Dec 14th 2013
Okay, about those LP shout outs at the bottom, especially of BSC and Some Call Me Johnny.

Are they really necessary?

I can understand the Something Awful LP to be on there, since they are not only probably more well known, but also have an extensive page for the LP itself. And I can also understand Game Grumps, because of their own massive success and their own page too, but Johnny and the BSC crew...

Not so much. They aren't as popular as them.

Then again, since both BSC and Johnny have their own pages, it can be seen that they are as deserving of a mention (and they aren't complete unknowns, they're fairly popular), but where is the line? Is that bottom of the page gonna get crowded real soon because of every LP in existence of this game going there?

This is not a matter of quality, BTW.

Regardless, the shout out also has a factual error: Some Call Me Johnny didn't LP the game twice, he reviewed the game twice. I don't believe the BSC run counts as his own separate LP as he's more of a staple of the crew than being a guest or BSC being guests, as the shout out's sentence implies.
03:27:00 PM Dec 14th 2013
Yeah, I don't think we need specific mention of the reviews/L Ps done by Game Grumps and Johnny. If they aren't notable enough to have their own pages, they don't need to be included on this page.
02:20:46 PM Apr 4th 2013
What happened to the page quote?
01:48:19 AM Apr 5th 2013
Komodin removed it a while ago as "unnecessary and (contextually) inflammatory".
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