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04:56:00 PM Jun 6th 2014
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The original blurb is a bit bulky and could use some trimming up. The extra details for the MP and DLC can be cut and left as a more generic list. The general synopsis and summary of the game was mostly fine as it was.

Below is a trimmed up version that keeps most of the original blurb but trims up the excessive detail. Feel free to offer your own suggestion or write up.
A reboot of the original Sniper Elite for the XBOX 360, PS3, Wii U, and PC via Steam.

The overall plot is similar to the first game. You are once again Karl Fairburne, an OSS officer who is inserted into Berlin in 1945. Only your mission is to kill V2 scientists and seize information related to the V2 Missiles before the Soviets can get their hands on them.

The story takes place in Germany during the final days of WWII and the player must navigate and fight their way through a city crawling with both Nazi and Soviet troops. As you progress through the game you uncover a sinister plot and it is up to Karl to stop it.

The overall game play has been tweaked but should be familiar to anyone who played the first game. One of the new features is the X-Ray Kill Cam. On certain shots you get to see the damage and trauma your bullet causes as it passes through the target. It can be gory and visceral to see your bullet put out an eye, smash through some organs, and shatter bones.

The sniping mechanic is virtually unchanged depending on difficulty settings. The Difficulty settings determine basic AI behavior, how realistic your bullet physics are, and what tactical aides the player can rely on. At the highest difficulty setting the game has fairly realistic sniping mechanics which require the player to account for bullet drop over distance and bullet drift to the side from wind.

The game still has stealth elements but they are focused more on staying out of direct line of sight and noise discipline. Also hiding bodies can prevent an enemy from frantically combing the area searching for a hidden sniper. Some elements like shot masking note  is still present but only in certain areas.

The multiplayer has been changed up a bit from the previous game to include a Coop Campaign for online play, Kill Tally, Over Watch and Bombing Run coop missions. note 

There are four DLC packs that have been released for the game. The Landwehr Canal Pack, The Neudorf Outpost Pack, Kill Hitler mission, and St Pierre. All of the packs introduce new missions separate from the main game and some packs add new weapons.

Up to 8 free multiplayer maps have been released for the game along with various updates to make them compatible with the game types.

A "Game of The Year" edition has been released that contains all the DLC content in one package. Some versions of the GOTY edition do not include the mission from The Landwehr Canal Pack but include the weapons.

A prequel set in Africa called Sniper Elite III is set for release June 27th, 2014 in Europe and July 1st, 2014.

A standalone expansion, Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army, was released in late February 2013. Its features include a 1-4 player co-op campaign, incredibly dense clusters of lumbering enemies, new weapons (including shotguns), all weapons from the original game and its DLC, and the stealth elements of the main game largely removed due to the sheer number of enemies you're facing.

A sequel to Nazi Zombie Army, naturally called Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army 2, was released on October 31st 2013.

05:20:00 PM Jun 6th 2014
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Firstly, I made the edit without making a discussion because it isn't a huge traffic page; the game and page aren't widely known as most others, so much so I doubt much of a response here.

The edit was made because the current page reads like an introductory wikia entry or an entire wikipedia page, and consists of several one-sentence paragraphs. On TV Tropes, the closest you would find to this page is, for example, Videogame.Metroid Prime, which covers an entire trilogy and hundreds of tropes — finding the same on a small game page with only a dozen or so examples doesn't really work.

Compared to almost any other page, the current status makes the page an effort to read, and comes across like a game manual, hence the edit.
09:39:25 PM Jun 7th 2014
I don't mind cutting it down but large changes even on low traffic pages are something you should bring to discussion in most cases. This page has had recent uptick in traffic thanks to a free copy beign made on steam and the Prequel coming out this month
07:19:02 PM Mar 4th 2013
I have made several adjustments to the entries, the intro blurb, and changed the DLC to be more specific for the individual pieces of dlc, added a note about the Game of the Year Section.

I will add a bit more detail to the missions provided by the DLC and what the Multi-player additions are when I can find them.
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