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10:40:18 AM Nov 3rd 2013
I have to ask to other skylanders players: is it me, or are the Dragon's Peak and Empire of Ice levels count as Bonus Levels of Doom? Especially since that the Level 1 figures it comes with tend to fall pretty quickly to the levels' enemies and hazards. There is a bunch of fire traps that can easily knock out your skylander in DP and in EOI there are a bunch of snow ball throwers that easily do 51 damage if it isn't blocked by armor, easily a 4th of the health of many skylanders
12:25:38 AM Nov 4th 2013
Your first mistake was actually using the figs that came with those packs (Sunburn and Slam Bam both suck.) In general, when using a low-level fig, the key is patience. Go slow, let enemies come to you, STOP when you see a mob and only approach them if they don't approach you.
03:43:21 PM Nov 26th 2012
edited by Stratadrake

NOT examples of...

Going to explain some of the examples I removed from the list and why they don't fit:

  • Easy-Mode Mockery: "Chompy Cuddler" (easy) is mocking in name only; the trope definition requires there be actual gameplay effects beyond the difficulty itself.
  • Excited Episode Title!: Was renamed to clarify that it's only about the specific format of "Short Title! Somewhat Longer Explanation Follows!" This was one of the wicks needing to be removed.
  • Palette Swap: While Dark Spyro and Punch Pop Fizz figurines (and their corresponding in-game models) are indeed palette swaps of their normal versions (as are "Legendary" and other rare color variants), "Series 2" and "Lightcore" figurines are completely new toy molds and not palette-swaps.

08:43:11 PM Nov 26th 2012
Palette Swap: Series 2 I'll give you, but I thought the Lightcore characters glowed in-game. (I don't know; I don't own a Lightcore and don't plan on getting one.) In any case, maybe Underground Monkey would be a better catch-all for all the variations.
04:12:42 AM Aug 1st 2013
Light cores are another molds too it seems. In an odd case, the iOS version of Double Trouble is pretty much a recast of the Series 1 figure, but with an orange base.
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