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05:58:43 AM Mar 22nd 2013
All I can say is hope someone adds an opening quote to the top of the page some day.
07:23:30 PM Nov 9th 2012
due to the fact we dont have a page for it, the black mailman, Howard Blackwood, plays a quite important role in silent hill: book of memories, as the person who not only delivers the book to you, but he is also the shopkeeper in the otherworld dungeons.
04:34:39 PM Jun 21st 2012
Wait, what? When did Murphy attempt suicide in the "Truth and Justice" ending? He does say, "There's some place I gotta be," which is what JP Sater said before attempting suicide himself, but beyond that, where is it implied he kills himself?
11:39:49 PM Jun 23rd 2012
Beyond what you just said, I don't believe it is. Where does it say this?
11:30:29 AM Jul 5th 2015
I know this is pretty old. Just wanted to say, it makes sense that Murphy is going to commit suicide. I think it was in the wikia that said that Murphy is seen walking in the direction of Toluca Lake - which may or may not be where Charlie drowned.
02:57:54 AM Jun 3rd 2012
This entry became the subject of an Edit War. Don't readd it without discussion. Also, compulsory eating is not a symptom of Asperger's Syndrome. In fact, the opposite (food refusal) is.
03:33:13 AM Jun 3rd 2012
Compulsive eating, as well as other compulsive behavior, are signs of aspergers. However the compulsive eating is not automatic confirmation of aspergers.
01:47:44 PM Jun 17th 2012
edited by LE0Night
If anyone still cares, the actual basis for adding Aspergers is here, under Preliminary Psychological Evaluation. The symptoms (of the SH:D character, that is) are these:

1) impaired nonverbal communication.
2) "idiosyncratic language and repetetive mannerisms".
3) an intense preoccupation with a certain theme, in his case it was "parts of objects".
4) impaired communication and conversation skills in general.

As far as I know compulsive thought and behaviour brought on by stress isn't exactly unheard of, either.
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