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06:21:42 AM Aug 17th 2014
In the spirit of Saints Row IV's heroes fighting against the computer, I've intentionally broken the rule regarding the Mary Sue trope. It's usually meant to be a YMMV or Trivia item, but it is directly referenced by name and treated as a trope in the "Nytefall" loyalty mission, so I feel it's justified to make an exception and list it in the regular section as it's not a general description of the game, but is actually part of the plot.
06:25:20 AM Aug 17th 2014
That seems like an OK reference. Might also want to cite Discussed Trope for that entry.
09:11:01 AM Oct 26th 2013
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Re: Page quote

It seems like this is a disagreement on what kind of quote we want on the top. I was looking for a quote that described just how over-the-top the games had become. Just one voice saying that didn't seem like an issue to me, since it seemed to accomplish that well. "The Touch" lyrics are also good, but I feel like focusing on the heroics is kind of missing the point, and it's in another piece of media entirely. I wanted something someone said in-game.

We could just stick one of them in a quotes page or try to find another piece of dialogue that describes the series' direction and game's more heroic stance, if possible.
02:54:16 AM Oct 27th 2013
If there's a quotes page for the game I'm down. My reasoning why the lyrics for The Touch work is as follow.

Hit back at me if you have an argument for using the Boss quote and we'll talk it out.
11:21:53 PM Oct 28th 2013
The Nolan North voice says the quote too. Not sure about anyone else. It's like, someone says it in-game, so it's unlikely you'll see it anywhere else. The lyrics were from a song that was originally for the Transformers movie. Additionally, it seems like the thing people see more about SRIV is just how crazy it's become, and while the heroism has increased as well, I feel like the craziness is more prominent. This kinda feels like if "Holding Out For a Hero" lyrics were picked for the page quote of The Third—it describes one part of the game pretty well, but it misses out on what the rest of the game is about.

Then again, the Boss quote might be something that works better as a descriptor of the series overall, and I can appreciate keeping a trend on multiple pages going, so I'm willing to just let "The Touch" lyrics stay, unless there's some song lyrics that touch on being over-the-top as well.
12:48:19 AM Oct 29th 2013
Power from Saints Row: The Third, but that's already used. I moved the Nolan North quote to the series page, let's see how that works.
05:29:03 AM Oct 30th 2013
I think "The Touch" isn't a great quote. For the most part, the reason it's in the game is that the song is famous for being from another work. Referencing a reference seems... odd. For another, its real relevance comes from the potholes, that aren't even supposed to be in a quote anyway.
03:30:59 AM Oct 31st 2013
I've brought the topic up in the Quotes forum thread. Input is appreciated.
07:55:00 PM Aug 28th 2013
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Do Murderbots fall under Names to Run Away From Really Fast or not?
08:06:24 PM Aug 28th 2013
Don't think so, but they definitely fall under Killer Robot
09:01:21 PM Aug 28th 2013
Surprised that the Killer Robot wasn't already there. Oh well, time to fix that.