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05:11:51 PM Oct 23rd 2013
A minor yet worthy note: for (officially only, as in coming in the game disc itself) the Xbox release, co-op mode is possible, with the second player playing as Agent One. So the fate of Agent One actually varies for the Xbox version: single-player he is tortured to death, but in co-op he survives and goes to kick Nazi behind with Blazkowicz.
10:57:13 AM Aug 17th 2012
Some tropers have been treating everyone on the villains' side who's not Wilhelm "Deathshead" Strasse as if they were carrying Idiot Balls—to the point of misusing some tropes just to try and drive home their opinion that Strasse was the Only Sane Man.

I've gone through and corrected some of this, either by removing the stuff singing Strasse's praises or by changing it to point out cases where other villains weren't acting stupid. Some highlights:

13th Nov '10 5:56:16 PM Turkish Delight
* Hoist by His Own Petard: The Nazis here fall into both Stupid Jetpack Hitler and Ghostapo varieties, but they pretty clearly have no clue what they're doing. Pretty much every time they create/release something, expect the Nazi or Nazis who created/released it to die horribly if they're nearby.

12th Dec '10 3:25:34 PM Preda
** Averted with the final version of the Ubersoldaten, who are clearly obedient and very effective in battle. They're one of the reasons why Deathshead is made out as the only competent Nazi in the game.

If one takes the time to read through Professor Zemph's journal—Professor Zemph being the one responsible for the means and methods for extracting the essence of Heinreich's Dark Knights in the first place—it's pretty clear he does know what he's doing, but he was screwed over repeatedly by Helga von Bulow. Right up until she shot him dead.

12th Dec '10 3:25:34 PM Preda
* Night of the Living Mooks: The SS Paranormal Division warlocks don't really know what they're doing, and Deathshead is smart enough to stay away from their ceremonies.

This didn't have anything to do with the trope. Night of the Living Mooks is about undead henchmen with no personality, and the description here didn't even bother explaining how those mooks fit the trope, just how smart the troper thought Strasse was compared to everyone else. I got rid of all that and just focused on the role played by the undead mooks.

12th Dec '10 3:25:34 PM Preda
* Anachronism Stew: Ooooh, boy!

Not related to everything else, but I think this trope might be getting misused. Sure, by having Stupid Jetpack Hitler, the game invokes some technologies that weren't around in the 1940s (or even today for that matter)—but Anachronism Stew is about mixing up historical details from different time periods. Having German soldiers wearing uniforms from World War I would be an example. Cyborg soldiers are not.

Preda had added that "Ooooh, boy!" (the example had already been added by someone else) but did nothing to explain where the anachronisms were. Until someone can provide details on any anachronisms present in the game I'm taking it out.
05:05:59 PM Oct 23rd 2013
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