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01:02:25 AM Oct 29th 2010
edited by JoveHack
1983guy over on GameFAQs is listing a bunch of shoutouts in Resident Evil 1. I'm using the discussion page as a sandbox to pull the list together before dumping it into the RE 1 page.

  • Resident Evil borrowed a lot of things from other games.

    • The camera and mansion setting are directly from Alone in the Dark (1992, PC),
    • The verb palette (Examine, Use or Combine) was taken from Alone in the Dark and Uninvited as well.

    • The zombies were taken from movies like Dawn of the Dead and Return of the Living Dead
    • The deer head in the mansion was taken from either Evil Dead or the Night of the Living Dead 1990 remake.

    • the zombies, are taken from the Dead films of Romero.
    • The giant shark in aqua ring...Jaws anyone?
    • The large alligator in Resident Evil 2 is probably from Day of the Dead, it has undead gators in the beginning
    • The ending of Resident Evil 3, very similar to the ending of Return of the Living Dead
    • The scene in RE 3 where you electrocute the zombies, similar to a scene in Return of the Living Dead 2
    • The deer head from Evil Dead
    • Alexia's shape shifting in RECV is similar to Parasite Eve.
    • The special machine gun you can unlock in RE 2 was taken from Terminator 2.
    • Also, the abandoned town of Raccoon is similar to many Lucio Fulci movies.
    • The design of Birkin's lab in RE 2 is taken from Day of the Dead, Return of the Living Dead 3, etc
    • Leon is dressed like Peter and Roger from Dawn of the Dead.
    • the character of Alfred Ashford in RECV seems to be patterned after Norman Bates, from Psycho. Also, his private residence looks eerily similar to the Bate's residence in the movie.

  • Where Resident Evil really shined was in the presentation of it all...the music and the plot, which was much more interesting to me than Alone in the Dark's.

12:44:40 PM Jan 31st 2011
I'd say scratch most of those. They seem more like coincidences than outright shout outs.
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