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04:39:05 AM Jun 19th 2013
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Lost in Translation: The Japanese title for Area 7, 蛇遣いの最先 ("Snake Charmer's Earliest") is not present in the international version.

Can any of my fellow 日本語を話す tropers help me with translating this title? I'm preeetty sure I'm off in some way, but I have no idea what exactly the translation is supposed to be.
10:28:12 PM Jun 21st 2013
I do not know very much Japanese, but looking it up in dictionaries, shouldn't "最先" be translated as "beginning"? It makes more sense than "earliest", anyway.

All sources I consult say that "蛇遣い" is indeed "Snake Charmer/Trainer", but I'll admit to not having a clue what that's referring to in context.
04:20:32 PM Mar 27th 2014
Posting in old discussion, yay.

Thinking about it, if "Ophiuchus" refers to "the snake-bearer", perhaps that's what "Snake Charmer" refers to. So the fully-translated Japanese title of Area 7 would be "Ophiuchus's Beginning", which makes sense, given that's the stage where Ophiuchus wakes up.
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