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01:41:10 PM Dec 25th 2012
Under "Gameplay and Story Segregation": "Averted:'s stamina is unlimited to avoid him being bucked off..." How is this an aversion? Part of the game is being shut off so it doesn't interrupt the movie the game developers are showing you.

12:53:08 PM Oct 6th 2012
I've been watching There will be blood recently, and I wondered, did they possibly name the oil drilling town Plainview after Daniel, or is that just a coincidence.
07:01:42 PM Feb 10th 2012
I've always wondered why nobody mentions the fact that in "It Will Never Catch On" that the naysayers who said Rockstar San Diego was crazy for wanting to do a western themed game were, in fact, right from a financial standpoint. Prior to Redemption there were several Western based games in the PS2/Xbox era that tried to do what Redemption did and failed. RSD of all people should be aware of that because they got the 21st Century Western Game trend started with their previous title Red Dead Revolver! It quietly fell off the radar after disappointing sales and then Neversoft's title Gun was hyped as the hot prospect for starting the Western Game genre. It too proved underwhelming and sold poorly. Call of Juarez suffered the same fate on the Xbox. In fact, the most successful Wild West themed game of the PS2/Xbox era was Darkwatch, and it was a Weird West FPS more than anything else. Keep in mind that these previous games had significant flaws that hurt them and denied them critical success, but if the sales figures for prior Western based games said anything its that gamers were not interested in the Wild West as a setting and to do one would simply be a waste of time and money.
05:58:11 PM Feb 3rd 2012
edited by PulpoOscuro
I don't want to delete the Harold Macdougal entry for "The Scrappy", but I never really thought of him as promoting (or even poking fun at) racism. Seems to me that he's just another way of reinforcing the Crapsack World of RDR ("this world is so bad, the only excuse for a "man of science" is a hopelessly bigoted and unscientific cocaine addict!"). What humorous qualities he does have usually come from his constant Critical Research Failure regarding "the savages", i.e., his astonished statement that the blood of "the white man" and "the savage" look exactly the same under a microscope.

In addition, R* doesn't just say he's wrong, they go to great lengths to prove he's wrong. The native characters are portrayed in a relatively sympathetic fashion. Even when they're just mooks, they seem more like innocent people deceived by Dutch or others, or else Proud Warrior Race Guys fighting the wrong war.
06:45:22 PM Feb 10th 2012
The fact you have to do missions for and alongside him while he spouts his insane bullshit and are not allowed to kill him does not earn him any points. Add the fact that he's a useless coward in combat and once even provokes aggro from a previously non-aggressive bear proves that he's so clueless that he would've died several missions ago if you weren't around to save his ass. And despite this game being all too happy to kill everyone in sight, Mac Dougal gets off with only a bullet wound and escapes back to New York. Its a real punch in the dick by the game to deny the player a death they would've actually been pleased to see and cements Mac Dougal's position as a Scrappy.
08:03:36 AM May 5th 2011
Who is that girl on the instruction book lifting her dress? It's not Abigail and it's not Bonnie or Louisa. Is she just a prostitute?
09:12:17 AM May 5th 2011
Rockstar has an ongoing tradition of featuring a lady on the cover art that doesn't actually appear in the game.
05:23:57 PM Nov 28th 2010
It's been moved to the Funny page, and I feel like an idiot for asking, but how, exactly is saying "an impasse, sir, an impasse" a Stealth Pun? An impasse means a deadlock. I can't see how the line is especially humorous or how there's a pun in there.
08:02:14 AM May 5th 2011
Because they are in a Mexican Standoff in Mexico.

John: There has got to be a name for this... Rickets: and Impasse Sir, a Impasse
01:31:47 PM Oct 27th 2010
Could we have a seperate page for the Undead Nighmare DLC? It does have a full storyline, and the completely diffrent tone would unleash enough tropes to double the length of the page. It's almost a full sequel by itself.
09:56:09 AM Oct 29th 2010
I was about to start a topic on the same thing. I believe it should have it's own page. This trope list is already large enough.
12:04:10 PM Oct 30th 2010
04:53:42 PM Oct 12th 2010
Is John Marston patriotic? I don't mean flag-waving, football loving, "America: F*CK YEAH!" patriotic. I mean that he holds at least some of the ideals the founders laid out in high esteem. I think he is, comments like "I'm an uneducated killer, sent here to do all I can do well, kill a man in cold blood, so another man may do his part to cut crime in the area, and a rich man can be elected governor on the back of these promises." and "I guess I'm a bad man who tried to be a good father. I don't know. Every man has a right to change, a chance at forgiveness. Ain't that what the good book says?" Hint to me that John gets the big picture and is appreciative of what his home offers him. (Note: love of your country is NOT synonymous with respect for those running it.)
03:13:45 PM Jun 3rd 2010
Is Landon Ricketts actually a Retired Outlaw? He's a retired gunslinger, but not all gunslingers were outlaws.
09:57:09 PM Jun 4th 2010
He killed people.
01:03:39 PM Jun 5th 2010
edited by kleinbottle
It's possible that he spent his time helping law enforcement or some other line of work where violence is legally a-ok. As we see in the game, violence in self-defense isn't an anomaly in New Austin, and that's even after the arrival of government. Considering he spends his retirement years white knighting for Chuparosa and frequently calls you out for your past outlawing, there isn't much to suggest he participated in the outlaw lifestyle himself.

In any case, I see that there's a Retired Gunfighter trope. Anyone object to me moving him there?
10:21:16 PM Jun 5th 2010
His picture is apparently on it, so I see no reason why not.
11:25:54 PM Jan 18th 2011
Maybe he only performed illegal actions against those he felt deserved it? Like Marston and Dutch's gang did before he went crazy.

A newspaper mentions he fled America after the Blackwater Massacre.
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