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01:38:12 PM Apr 13th 2017
edited by Gosicrystal
This was on the entry for Lost Forever, which has been renamed as Permanently Missable Content:

Some missions on World Max 2 can be this if one is not careful.

If it's something that doesn't depend on online availability or deadlines, add the example back as Permanently Missable Content. If it does depend on online availability or deadlines, add it as Temporary Online Content.

It would also be appreciated if the example got more detail to avoid it being on the verge of Zero-Context Example territory.
10:31:39 PM Feb 28th 2017
edited by koukoubean
On the topic of this game's BGAs...

I opened a new topic to be sure if it is safe to include instances of Funny, Heartwarming and Awesome moments, as well as Tear Jerker and Nightmare Fuel, pertaining to the background videos in separate pages rather than the YMMV page. The main page already contains quite a few tropes that only apply to certain BGAs, but the sheer number of videos included with the songs in this game could pose a problem.

Still, some BGAs, especially in recent versions, have more clearly defined stories than others, and I believe that instances of the above tropes present in them are long overdue for a mention. For example, the Heartwarming section could include the BGA for I'll Give You All My Love [1], which debuted in Exceed 2 alongside the aforementioned Canon-D. It features a young woman who defies traffic and even the police to get to the top of a high building, just so that her plant could properly be exposed to sunlight! Better yet, the plant grows into a flower that spreads joy all around the world - including to the police officers who had been chasing the protagonist earlier. Despite the video having nothing to do with the song's lyrics, this BGA's story and art style make it incredibly uplifting to watch. Ditto Eun Ji Won's Adios from NXA [2], in which the protagonist, a spaceship pilot, rips through hordes of Stormtrooper expies (and their leader) to rescue her captive brother. The final shot also replicates a picture the pilot has of them both, except that the siblings have actually been reunited in the end. Again, there are plenty of other examples, considering that this is a franchise that has been around for almost 20 years now, and that close to seven hundred songs (discounting remixes and including those in spin-offs) have been included in the games as of Prime 2.

Any thoughts on this?
05:00:55 PM Jun 24th 2016
Do you think the Canon D bga should be acknowledged as Ensemble Darkhorse in the Ymmv section? I reckon it could go there based on a previous post about the video being the official media page, and the reasoning was very convincing. I just want to know if it really should be included as a Ymmv because the video might not be popular to the ensemble darkhorse extent, and I want to be accurate when confirming it. That's why I want to set up a discussion page first to see if other tropers, espeacially tropers who are also pumpers, would approve the possible inclusion.
09:06:28 PM Feb 28th 2017
edited by koukoubean
Hello! Fellow Pumper here. Kind of a late reply, but I thought I would give my two cents on the matter either way.

I believe the Canon-D BGA should stay in the Ensemble Darkhorse section. The video is, in fact, recognized as one of the best-made among the PIU fanbase itself. From what I have seen in articles such as this [1] (in Spanish), many have remarked how well-animated it is considering that it was released more than 10 years ago. Others have lamented that despite the BGA's subtitle being "Part of the Memories #1", a sequel to it is highly unlikely, as Andamiro has stopped working with the studio in charge of animating the video. There is even cosplay of the human protagonist of this BGA ([2], [3]), which is highly unusual among rhythm game fanbases!

The video also happens one of the most iconic to non-PIU players, as well. When first exposed to it, some even mistook it for part of an anime before finding out it is actually a background video in a rhythm game! Again, it mostly attracted attention from those outside the fanbase because of its high quality and poignant story.

We probably should get more opinions as to whether the video could be considered for the trope, but from my point of view, we do have a pretty solid example of an Ensemble Darkhorse here. I hope this helps!
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