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11:52:07 PM Mar 19th 2012
So, I'm confused about what this mod is supposed to be. It sounds like it's considered to be a general gameplay improvement project on Brawl, but the details given make it seem more like a retool or a conversion. Is "melee-ifying" physics and combat considered to be an improvement in and of itself, or does this have to do with the differences in competitive scene between melee and brawl (which heretofore I didn't think existed)?

Of course, the basic assumption is that this is someone's idea of improvement, but the page itself seems to be pretty unilateral on the benefits of the project, and I don't feel like I'm getting the full picture.
07:39:46 AM Mar 20th 2012
edited by Amagicalbadger
If you want, I could summarize the finer mechanics and fan tournament mentality of both Melee and Brawl in the main article for comparison. Thanks for the feedback.
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