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01:45:55 AM Jul 21st 2014
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Can I dispute the World Sundering entry? There is Route 10 being inaccessible, but how can a regional landslide be World Sundering? Also, with Humilau, Virbank, and Aspertia, isn't it more just a case of being left out in Pokemon Blackand White, simply because it was unneeded detail and added in later, also purely for gameplay reasons?
05:36:37 AM Oct 16th 2013
  • notices that the page is somehow tagged as for mature audiences out of nowhere*
01:16:24 PM Sep 9th 2013
I can't imagine any situation where lowering one's E Vs is of any use. That's why I always think the Beauty Salon is a Joke Item, and would never put it in my Join Avenue.
10:02:59 AM Aug 12th 2013
Why exactly is this game listed on both Sequel Difficulty Spike AND Sequel Difficulty Drop? It doesn't really make sense...
11:10:04 AM Aug 11th 2013
Under Shout-Out, "The Pokemon Whisperer" was listed as one to Ghost Whisperer. I'm pretty sure it's supposed to be The Dog Whisperer, but it doesn't have its own page. Should I just leave it as is?
03:52:13 AM Aug 12th 2013
Yeah I was the one who listed that. I did note that it was supposed to be the Expy of The Dog Whisperer, but like you said there was no page of its own. One thing to note that The Dog Whisperer is supposed to be a Shout-Out to Ghost Whisperer as well.
01:25:18 PM Sep 9th 2013
Pretty sure the pothole should be cut, and it should just make mention that it's referencing The Dog Whisperer even if it doesn't have a page. It's almost positively not a reference to Ghost Whisperer. If anything, it'd the The Horse Whisperer, but it's still a more direct reference to The Dog Whisperer.
03:19:25 PM Oct 27th 2012
Okay, so one of the heroine's Ferris wheel dates (a male Clerk) will comment on how he's surprised that she's agreeing to battle and then ride the Ferris wheel with him, since he thought his offer would have come across as being creepy, then warns her that she "should be a little more careful in this world." I'm trying to think of a trope that fits this situation, but I don't think I'm quite getting it. Not What It Looks Like? Mistaken for Pedophile? Accidental Pervert? Reality Ensues?
07:34:48 PM Oct 22nd 2012
Is there somewhere on the site I can complain about being unable to evolve Eevee into a Leafeon until after the game is beaten, despite Eevee being catchable in Castelia City and Pinwheel Forest being right past Skyarrow Bridge, but being unaccesible due to "maintenance"?

(Btw, I'm being dead serious. I need somewhere to vent about it.)
07:38:37 PM Oct 22nd 2012
The Fora?
01:31:39 AM Jul 28th 2012
Wait, what's this about N's theme being remixed with a part of Red's theme? I listened to N's theme, but it just sounds like a remix of his final battle theme from BW. I didn't hear anything like Red's music.
11:44:13 AM Jul 12th 2012
Could someone point me to youtube videos of the Pokestar Studio movies, translated? These tropes MUST be documented (I'm new, I'm calling them). Considering they're Shows Within A Show, maybe they should have a seperate folder? *Is this even the right place to post this?*
06:47:34 PM Jun 29th 2012
Now that the games are out, it's time to note once again that this is not a replacement for Troper Tales. Don't talk about your in-game experiences here.
03:26:14 AM Jun 25th 2012
In the main article, it says Red makes an appearance as an NPC. Does anyone have any citation, or a video, or an image or anything? I Googled it, but I could find nothing, although maybe it was because I got too excited. On another note, Red would have to be like nineteen now, at least in the manga, which generally gets the time spacing between installments pretty well, so I'm assuming that carries over to the games. (Sorry if this post seems sloppy, but I can't contain my excitement.)
11:08:59 AM May 16th 2012
Okay, I just want to make sure I'm not crazy here. In the animated trailer, right after the scene with Achroma, is that Elesa talking to the protagonist? Everything aside from her hair fits (and she's a model, so it makes sense that she'd change her hair to go with a new look), after all.
04:46:28 PM May 16th 2012
Yes. Couldn't you tell by the headphones and the Zebstrika?
05:05:46 PM May 16th 2012
Yeah, I was pretty sure (and Emolga's sitting on her shoulder too, if you look carefully). But her new black hair, seeming antagonism (something she said got Emboar awfully riled up, anyway), and my lack of Japanese comprehension combined were juuuuust enough to make me doubt myself a little.
10:33:16 PM May 11th 2012
Is the Retcon entry really necessary? That theory was nothing more than something fans made up to make the scene pointlessly dramatic.

I don't get it anyway. The splash-like sound was clearly the sound of the radio's static. I don't know how they came up with the conclusion that splash sound = death by suicide especially considering how he managed to get up that waterfall in the first place.
06:31:59 PM May 2nd 2012
How much do you want to bet that we'll probably have to create a separate page for the "And the Fandom Rejoiced" Page?
05:48:11 PM Jun 20th 2012
Huh. I was right.
05:42:46 AM Apr 14th 2012
There seems to be some disagreement about the ice; whether it's actually present in the game world, or whether it's simply obscuring the map like the clouds used in the Unova artwork. As locations can be seen through the transparent ice, is it better to remove tropes like Slippy Slidey Ice World?
04:36:53 PM May 16th 2012
From the ice in the new trailer, it's confirmed that at the very least one town is frozen solid.
04:08:58 AM Apr 12th 2012
So uh, what do we do about characters? I know it's a little early, but do we use the original Black and White character page or make a whole new one for this?
03:18:17 PM Apr 12th 2012
...I have no clue. But we've only been introduced to 6 new characters so far, so I say we wait.
01:21:21 PM Mar 5th 2012
Why does this have a separate page when we don't even know what it is? Why don't we move all the head scratchers and stuff over to Black and White if it turns out to be just like version 3?
06:18:34 PM Mar 5th 2012
If this is the third version, then it'll be moved. But for now, we're treating it as a sequel. If we didn't, wouldn't everything have to be moved to the Red and Blue page, particularly since Gold and Silver were originally Pocket Monsters 2?
04:12:27 AM Mar 12th 2012
Well, I'd say that's a bit of a slippery slope. Pocket Monsters 2 was a development title. I personally think that these should share the BW page until they have enough of their own tropes to warrant a split.

Regardless, Coro Coro scans have indeed confirmed that these are entirely new scenarios, according to Serebii. They're not a 3rd Version in the same vein as Crystal/Emerald/Platinum.
07:29:22 PM Feb 26th 2012
Hi, I'm the one who made the page in the first place. Um, how do you get the Main to redirect to this page?
07:44:25 PM Feb 26th 2012
By typing [[redirect: VideoGame/PokemonBlack2AndWhite2 ]]. I already edited that onto the page.
07:50:32 PM Feb 26th 2012
Thanks then.
02:28:38 PM Feb 26th 2012
The English reveal states the english titles are Black Version 2/White Version 2 (note the "version"). Move?
06:56:04 PM Feb 26th 2012
Technically all the mainline Pokemon games have Version in the title, usually dropped when talking about them. No move unless we move everything else to Pokemon Red Version and Blue Version etc.
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